Friday again. Beautiful.  One of those few days in the week that anything can be harvested or processed. Not only ruling  beauty and love, being an earth sign, Venus ,or Freya’s day is a day perfect for making things, manifesting on the physical plane. A day for creativity, especially. Creativity inspired or rooted in Love. Adoration, worship or Devotion.
Friday is a day I wait for each week. No wonder that in Judaism,  Friday is the day to prepare oneself for the Sabbath, the day of rest. ( Sabbath= Shabtai= Saturn= limits, cessation, the metal lead, ). Especially important on Friday is the preparation of all food to be consumed on the Sabbath. ( did I mention Venus also rules food, its preparation, consumption and enjoyment?).
If you have a partner, this is the day to acknowledge,  nurture and celebrate those aspects of the partnership that nourish and inspire you.
If you are lucky enough to have a deep spiritual/ emotional/ sexual partnership with someone,  this is your day together. A day for the gift shared between you. For me, this is the best day of the week to experience  the beauty, Love and transcendence it brings to you both. A day to manifest that Love in this physical world in any and all ways. Bake a pie, make a tincture, make Love, write something beautiful, walk in the woods.
Venus also has to do with Mother Nature and this beautiful planet that sustains us with its unconditional Love. So this is a day to be with Nature, enjoy and revel in her beauty, consider your relationship with Her as one of Love and devotion, mutual adoration . Make an offering, go for a walk, harvest for healing and for beautiful delicious food. Note the endless variation and diversity of materials, shapes and living things She offers us. The abundance of gifts She offers us to work with, to craft with inspiration and experience so we can sublimate and elevate raw materials into items that add beauty to our lives,  medicine that heals and beautiful food that nourishes our bodies and spirits. These things She cannot do alone. Only we can raise them to a higher level. And the higher qualities we bring to the materials we work with, are directly tied to the qualities of our relationship with Her.  What this means is that a deep respect for Mother Nature, a close or intimate connection, a excellent rapport and an attitude of devotion or adoration, or even just an acknowledgement of a relationship and Her presence as a unique entity, will raise and deepen our relationship with her and at the same time, allow us to better work in harmony with her, rather than forcing our will upon her. We have gotten so caught up in science and chemistry that we have abandoned the basic relationships that brought us their gifts in the first place. 
In some ways our relationship with Mother Nature is the primary Man/Woman dynamic. Where mankind,(male or female), is the masculine energy and Mother Nature the Woman in this relationship.  But I will leave that story for another time and another post.

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