Saturday, a pause in the Fall harvest. I usually do not harvest much on Saturday unless there is a brief window of opportunity that I can’t let pass, unkess the planetary hour, the Moon’s sign or planetary influences make up for it being “Saturn’s day”.
   I look around my study and work area and I am surrounded by a maze constructed of herbs in various stages of preparation. From the rafters still hang bundles and baskets of plant material in different stages of drying. Numerous paper yard waste bags, (perfect for cutting or stripping bundled dry herbs before packaging), line the walls and free space leaving only a narrow path to get to my desk or up to the bedroom. 
Full moon now,  and many things will wait till tomorrow for processing. 
The Saint John’s wort oil is rich and ruby red, ready for straining and sedimentation. Tomorrow, as it is each Sunday, Calendula flowers will be harvested from the farm plot at Under Ground Organics  and from the Apothecary’s Garden in the park. My “Golden Sunshine “Calendula Creme has somehow gotten better and better over the last 16 years. As close as you can get to a “heal all” for the skin. I am constantly impressed with how well it works and how long it keeps its potency. I attribute its amazing attributes to my choice to focus on quality rather than quantity for so many years. This year I finally decided to produce a larger quantity, market it and sell it through stores and online. There will be only a few more Sunday harvests before the collecting is done for this year. Calendula will flower up untill, and even through the first few frosts in our climate. I should have a few liters of oleus extract to make the salve/creme  from.  Each batch of oil is charged  3 times with fresh Calendula flowers. Each batch ground in my big mortar with oil, then packed into a gallon jar and topped up with oil, when the new harvest comes in it is strained, pressed, discarded and the new batch of  flowers is added in the same manner to the already orange oil.
Perhaps keeping an eye out for wild mushrooms is the activity for today. They are ruled by Saturn and perhaps the Moon.


Ruby Red St. John'swort oil ready to press

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