Oak Shiitake log.

Sunday 7 October. cooling down daily. This may be the last of the Sundays to harvest Calendula flowers. A beginning and an end to all things. Soon it will be time to make the salves and cremes from the oils, package and market them.
Fall mushroom season is upon us again, Shiitakes filling up my Oak logs, Puffballs yielding to purple Blewits, if I get lucky this year.
Seems the season for romance of a more introverted internalized type. Motown, Rhythm and Blues. Baby baby baby don’t go type of thing. Something blue about the fall. If you are lucky to share it with someone you love, it is a time to enjoy the crisp grey days under the blankets. Awake or fall asleep with the warmth and presence of someone you love beside you, roll around on your shaggy soft sheepskin together.
Mmmmm. Fall.

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