Saturday night, the Crescent. Moon a bright, crisp golden sliver, hanging in the western night.
The symbolism. And meaning of this 29 .5 day period are more obscure to me than the other 11 Lunation cycles, and it would seem appropriately so.
The sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio represents mystery and that which is hidden. In ancient times ruled by Mars alone, planet of war, death and the mysteries beyond the grave that will always be speculations of the living, Scorpio has been given to the Planet Pluto since that planet’s discovery. Pluto is considered to signify the higher octave. Of Scorpio. Where Mars rules action, aggression and war, (and infers death and transition), Pluto is a symbol of death and Life. Old and young. Perhaps the mysteries that obscure our clear perception ,make us see those older or younger as different and seperate from us, removed from oneness, somehow different.and seperate from us in our perception. An odd thing that.
The time span of the Scorpio Lunation is one that recomends ” cleaning house”, purging the unneeded from our lives, eliminating the ” monkies from our backs”, those chores and obligations we have been putting off forever that weigh us down and distract us from our goals. It is a time to fine tune our focus. Perhaps with a metaphorical sword that the God Mars might weild to battle, slice away the the thought forms, relationships with things, attachements that we cling to. Some we drag with us through our days with a fear of letting go, and some we pile on our plate with a fear of what might happen when we discharge them.<h
So, in a way, the Scorpio Lunation cycle might present us with an opportunity to see what mysteries of self lie beyond our fears and self limiting choices. Perhaps a good time to cut unwanted habits from our lives, unhealthy relationships with things and with people. A time to take action while Mars lends us His weaponry and Pluto thins the veil of perception a bit to ease our trepidations of what might lie around the corner of self emancipation from our self chosen slavery.
On another note, The Apothecary’s Garden received its first fall cleanup on Saturday, there is perhaps a metaphor there, relating to the Scorpio presence. Dead growth cut back, all invasive seedlings that took root during the year were pulled so they wouldn’t crowd out the specimens we were nurturing. Tansy, Yarrow, Lemon Balm and Dandylion all thriving in the cooler weather and quietly establishing footholds in the garden, hoping to continue unnoticed. Till they become impossible to remove in the spring. Linda, Mary Louise, John and Jane, all giving there time to tend to the closing of the garden. Many thanks to you all!!
Looks like we will need one more push this coming Saturday to finish the job. Hopefully we will not be dealing with an unexpected blanket of snow.




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