The mustache, the manly mustache. That flourish that only a man can embellish. That embellishment that only a man can flourish. Suave or swashbuckling. Terse or trim. debonair, devilish, dictatorial or delightful. There really are too many types,the list is infinite. Each of us is given a completely different set of variables. Each of us can and likely should create our own unique style. Every face,every feature, every skin type and every genetic background creates different limitations and different possibilities. Each of us with our unique vision and creativity. A place for true self-expression. Color, texture and thickness of hair, Curly or straight, the size of the area between nose and lip, width and height of face, which areas are fur-bearing, which are spotty or naked. These are only some of the unique variables given man.

Even the lightest dab of down floating under an inexperienced nose, if only cut, trimmed and groomed minimally displays creative self-expression. It says to the world unequivocally, I am a mustache, bearing a man unique in who i am, we like who we areand celebrate our masculine nature.

Besides the obvious attentions of shaving cutting snipping brushing or combing a mustache, There is the time-honored tradition of waxing one’s mustache.
Having just finished my latest batch of said Mustache Wax, I do wax warmly on the subject and would be very happy to share insights and experience.

There are a few commercial mustache waxes available on the market. Not many and they don’t suit all types of mustache. One alternative is to make ones own mustache wax tailored to our own needs. Another is to have someone custom make a mustache wax for us. If you know someone who can do this for you are very lucky.
If, like me, you would like to make your own it is not too hard to make at home.

The basic ingredients in making a good mustache wax are a good base wax like beeswax, Sap,(fir Pine or spruce sap) and odoriferous oils,especially essential oils
Beeswax I find works best for me. It is natural, barely processed, smells great and it has good body and texture. Paraffin wax always smells like petroleum but can be worked with.
The wax will give body to your mustache wax.
Saps will help train your mustache to hold to a new form and shape. Almost like a “perm” effect. Saps also add a certain stickiness that helps keep everything together and of course a lovely, lovely fragrance.
While we now have stickiness and body I find that adding a little cocoa butter or Shea butter gives smoothness to the mix. Lubrication. This means it goes on much smoother and you aren’t as apt to yank out hairs every time you apply wax. No sense torturing oneself unnecessarily. Cocoa butter also smells heavenly and adds a balsamic note to the overall fragrance.
The last touch is fragrance. Pure essential oils are the best.
Some classic masculine essential oils are Sandalwood, Vetiver, Spikenard, patchouli, Cyprus, various Cedars and Frankincense.
Some spicy masculine notes are, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Mace and Nutmeg
Given the base scents of beeswax, coniferous Saps and Cocoa Butter one has a good base for building a unique personal masculine fragrance. It is an accord that is woody and warm and lends itself to many variations and expressions of masculinity, soft or edgy, sweet, floral or spicy.
I usually have a summer wax and a winter wax. The summer wax is harder, it holds its form better during the warm summer months and the winter wax is softer so it goes on more easily in the winter.
I also have a winter decongestant mustache wax. In addition to the spruce and pine essential oils that come with the saps, (which are natural decongestants), I add essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and Rosemary. The wax warming under my nose releases these therapeutic essential oils directly into my in-drawn breath and acts as an “inhaler” to help keep my breathing passages open when I’m feeling stuffed up.

One could probably add a mix of essential oils in the wax to act as a barrier to airborne bacteria and viruses when in crowded public places. Most essential oils have well researched anti bacterial and anti viral properties, even in very small doses.
Some potent anti-virals and anti-bacterials are essential oils of Oregano, Eucalyptus, Thyme and Tea Tree ( yuck! ).

Another type of mustache wax is the form of a liquid or creme. This type is applied from a tube with the fingers or distributed with a small comb. once applied, the liquid in it evaporates and the waxes set and hold everything in place. It is more of a “one shot” deal and often needs to be reapplied wet to touch it up. Whereas a solid wax can be adjusted for an extended period of time. This type of mustache wax differs in that it incorporates an emulsifying wax, alcohol and distilled water in its basic recipe. Quite often it includes waxes that are harder and more brittle than Beeswax such as Carnauba wax. I can go over a recipe for a liquid mustache wax or cream mustache wax in a future blog if anyone is interested in making one.

To find a recipe and instructions for making your own “solid” Mustache Wax , please see this blog’s recipe page.

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