Remember how I always say “keep notes”?
Let me clarify and add a very important detail to that statement,,..Don’t just keep notes, but keep CLEAR notes. Notes that you can actually read accurately in case you want to duplicate, adjust or share your recipe!

I am a little embarrassed,( well a lot actually!), and have felt a little stressed about this, but, My “Best”Dandelion Wine recipe, Has a flaw. It won’t yield the 12 L that I stated, But only 8 L. This due to not being able to read my own handwriting!!
The recipe now has the correct amounts to fill a 12 -15 liter carboy
12 liters water, 3 kg, (not quarts), of dandelion flowers cleaned.
I also wanted to add that while a nylon stocking is a brilliant trick for filtering infused herbal oils, which I have done a lot of recently, it will be nearly impossible to fit a pot full of boiled Dandelion flowers and orange pulp into it!! What I should have added as a nifty way to filter your wine, was a clean Pillowcase!  I think that is it as far as corrections to that recipe go.

Dandelion Wine 2013

Prime Dandelion Wine real estate.

Prime Dandelion Wine real estate. Sometimes, timing ,is everything. Dundas Ontario

Dandelion Flowers for Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Flower Diva. If you have a counterpart/partner/”friend”, Spring, Flowers and Love are a magical combination that can make both the process and your Wildflower  Wine memorable.

Since we are on the subject, and after getting  this years batch of Dandelion Wine into primary fermentation over the weekend, I might as well add a couple of words.

  • There is a lot of leeway when it comes to improvising with various flavoring materials, not only can you play with adding more, or less Oranges, lemons, cloves and Wild Ginger etc. you can explore adding other natural materials to your Wild Flower Wine. For instance I added 60 grams of oleo-resin of Frankincense Papyrifera  to this last “Beltane” batch of Dandelion flower Wine. Something about it makes me think it will add something unique and beneficial to both the flavour and the aroma of this batch. I will find out if it actually does, in December.
Cleaning Dandelion Flowers for Dandelion Wine

Cleaning Dandelion Flowers for Dandelion Wine. All it takes is on small ray of sunshine to shine.

 Dandelion Wine.Squeeze out all your liquid through a pillowcase

Dandelion Wine. Squeeze out all your liquid through a pillowcase

Dandelion flowers after cooking. In pillowcase and cone colander for straining.

Dandelion flowers after cooking. In pillowcase and cone colander for straining.

  • There have been some inquiries about adding water, or topping up a wine. If you need to add some liquid to a wildflower wine recipe, at any stage of fermentation, you can usually add a couple of liters of room temperature boiled or distilled water to a 12-15 liter batch,without worrying that you might be diluting it or affecting the flavour too much. This is sometimes  required when you want to keep the volume of air in the secondary fermentation to a minimum.
  •  Remember it is always wise to use a light hand when trying something new in a recipe, and you can only really test the effects of any additions or adjustments when your wine is ready to drink,  so make sure to take notes, and learn from both your successes and failures. Life is a process.

I will post updates on this batch of Wildflower wine as the process unfolds, and hope to share a review of the final product in December when it is ready for consumption.

Until then, enjoy these gorgeous spring days, and don’t forget to keep notes. Clear, readable, notes. Your future self will thank you.


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