After 9 months of gestation, learning WordPress under the gentle and thoughtful tutelage of WordPress dot com and 3 months of trial and error exploring alternatives, I have finally moved forward to hosting Apothecary’s Garden on my own WordPress dot org site.

As most know, is like a gentle parent, supporting our blogging efforts every way possible, worrying about, and taking care of all the little details for us, while setting safe, but sometimes frustrating boundaries and limitations on our creative expression.

In my case, I needed to share not only my thoughts and words, but the tangible products  I have perfected and the rare  gifts of Nature I have discovered on my path.

The new site is up and running. I managed to migrate most of this site to it, however, it is far from finished or perfect. The learning curve has no end it seems. I was not able to migrate my followers, (sorry folks!!), and there have been some problems with broken links and photos not showing up. But, I am still learning and have no doubt I will iron out the glitches, with time, I hope you can bear with me, and please let me know if you encounter any problems or bugs when you visit the new site.

The new website address is, you are not there already, feel free to bookmark it or put it in your browser. This is where you will find me from here on, and, I hope within a few weeks , you will also find a store woven into the blog, offering for purchase or barter, those things that I have been inspired to create and perfect over the years. I would love to share them with you.
I believe that there are no coincidences in the world, that those who need exactly those items I have created, will find themselves here. That like-minded people will be drawn here regardless of where they are in the world. And that this will be a place where I can interact with, and fulfill the needs of others, while filling my own well.

I hope to see you there. If you were following me, and would like to continue doing so, please go to the new site and re-subscribe to the blog. (“Subscribe by email” button). I would be very happy to continue our relationship.

Apothecary's Garden- New Dawn Herbal Apothecary
Apothecary’s Garden- New Dawn Herbal Apothecary

Dan Riegler
New Dawn Herbal Apothecary

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