A Mustachio Twirl

A mustacio twirl-Silicone Mustache Wax Trays from the Dollar store

A mustachio twirl-Silicone Mustache Wax Trays from the Dollar store

Casting Mustache Wax in Silicone trays.

In my posts, I keep referring to “silicone trays” from the Dollar store”, as perfect moulds for casting home-made mustache wax. I have meant to post pictures for a few months now. So I will get this off the job list. They really are perfect! Though bright Neon, they shape the wax well, and release it easily.

One dome of mustache wax = one months worth of twirling for a modest mustachio.

I usually store them in a nice glass apothecary jar. I put a new dome in one of the stainless steel tins, as soon as I start scraping the last sticky shreds out of it. The tins are a great help keeping the dust and dirt from mixing in to the wax and finding their way to my mustache, which can lead to embarrassing situations.

Mustache Wax "Domes" cast in silicone tray

Mustache Wax “Domes” cast in silicone tray

Dollar store Silicone Trays for Mustache Wax

Silicone Mustache Wax Trays from the Dollar store

I haven’t tried the rectangular shapes yet, butthey look promising.

OK that’s it for silicone. On to petroleum. A Mustachio Twirl to save the world.

I am making a new version of a “classic” 2 part mustache wax that has been online forever. A “classic” because anyone who has ever looked for a mustache wax recipe online must have seen it posted in numerous places. I’m pretty sure it is reproduced from an old, turn of the century, formulary or recipe book. It calls for Beeswax and, (Ugh), Vaseline.

At the time it was published, Vaseline was being touted, (by its inventor), as a cure-all and miracle product. A miracle drug!. Really.

At the time, the petroleum industry was just taking flight, and the future looked bright for Fossil Fuels. And for us!…. Oops

Now that we have a hole in the Ozone layer, greenhouse gasses galore, have polluted ourselves with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the fossil fuels we are burning, not to mention the rest of the problems we face globally due to our passionate pursuit of petroleum products and our accelerated “Fracking” of Fossil Fuels”. We really should be looking at alternatives.

I know it’s “only” Vaseline”, and it’s already in millions of households, but if we use it without a thought, how will things ever change? The Big things? Couldn’t we at least stop for a second, and give things a consideration? Even if it’s just a little one. It wouldn’t hurt, Right? It’s got to be better than racing ahead to global oblivion, and sucking the planet dry , while we make a toxic mess on the planet’s surface. I’m sure the Planet must have some need of the petroleum or She wouldn’t have so much of it in her belly. Right?

Maybe it keeps her gears lubricated? Has a purpose?? I don’t know. Does anyone though?Maybe she is going to start heating up from internal friction now that her oil level is down. Hmmm.?!? Global warming?!

And, doesn’t “non renewable resource” mean we can’t replace it? Personally, I always, like to at least try, to replace whatever I use or borrow. I know I like it when others do the same for me. I think that is important. Individually, Universally.

I don’t know about you all, but I think, if there ever was, a moment that deserved our deepest thought and consideration, a true Mustachio twirling moment, this is it. Could there be a better cause? So, Men, at your leisure,,, it’s the thought that counts, I expect to hear a gentle hummmm vibrating around the world. Put your wrists into it, and give it a spin for Beautiful Mother Nature, the Goddess, and the Planet. Now is the time to think deep of how fix this mess we have made. We are more than just a handsome mustache, right? (Girls you are all included too. Don’t think I haven’t noticed all the women who stroke their chins when thinking).

OK, I know, it’s just a bit of Vaseline in a recipe online. Not a big deal. But,, I was just thinking,, if every one of us does something small that only they can do, then things could really change, quickly, and globally. Right? If every person corrected what only they could see, or do, or correct, in the world, on an individual basis, we could go a long way in a short time. Globally. I like it.

So I am going to post an alternative to an outdated recipe. It’s not a big thing, but, it’s something. Give everyone a choice to not use Vaseline, but something “greener” and better, something good that Vaseline has replaced and displaced in the world. An equally simple, 2 ingredient recipe for a mustache wax, one that suits our lives and times. Perhaps our ethics too. That’s something I can do right now.
. You will have to wait, (not too long), to find out what that is. :-).

So stayed tuned.

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