Darkness, Death and the “Black Whole” – the Uranus-Pluto Square, Scorpio Solar Eclipse and Samhain

I rarely ever, (never), reblog someone else’s post, however, Emily Trinkhaus presents with ease, many of the concepts I struggle to express daily. Though the topic is Halloween, Sawain, and our shift to the dark part of our yearly journey, it is clear that this is when we can best see the dark side of our society. How we have separated our material world from the spiritual, dry chemistry from living Alchemy, nature and spirit, severed from science, favouring youth over age, sweet over bitter, and have created detached, impersonal relationships with the world around us. We mass produce our food and animals at a distance, separate ourselves from our connection to nature’s rhythms, to work 9-5, 365 and wonder why depression and disease are rampant.
The coming dark months are perfect for introspection, slowing down and stepping back from our external preoccupations. Who knows what illumination and insight we might find within, if we embrace the darkness just as we embrace the light?
There is a reason and a season for all things, and time for a glimpse in between them.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Dan, I’m a new subscriber to your posts. I enjoy reading your blog. Right now I’m in Erigavo, Sanaag Region, Somaliland. I’m sure you know that t is home to the renowned Boswellia carterii and B. frereana. I’ve just bought some incredibly sized B. carterii gum resin. It’s Grade 1 Premium. I coined/added the “Premium” because it’s mostly larger than what is traded as Grade 1. It’s very clean and contains no bark. If you are interested I’ll send you a sample. I also have fresh myrrh. Just let me know.

    How is the cold in Hamilton? I used to live in St. Catharines. I know winter is just around the corner. Best regards Mohamed

    PS I liked your piece on the fresh Ethiopian myrrh.

    Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 13:04:45 +0000 To: mohamed@maydifrankincense.com

    1. Hi Mohamed. Thank you for your kind words and interest in my blog!
      Yes, I would love a sample of B. Carterii from Somalia. I would be happy to look into the option of purchasing some from you.
      As to the Myrrh, yes as well, I am always looking for good quality resins. Being in Somaliland does offer you a unique advantage for this.
      Winter is closing in on us here in southern Ontario! I’m sure the weather is much more pleasant where you are. My son is studying in St. Catharines now, so I visit there quite often. Were you working? Studying or living in St. Catharines? Small world!!
      Mohamed, I notice your email address is Maydifrankincense. Do you have a line on some local Boswellia Frereana? I would be interested in finding a reliable supplier of this type as well. As a last thought, I have come across a traditional Somali composite “Amber” resin product similar to the “Amber” the east Indians make and sell as a solid perfume. I think this is “cooked” at home in Somaliland using Maydi resin, honey (?), and other materials. Is this something you have come across? A midwife friend was given some by a Somali woman here in Hamilton, but I have not been able to find more of it or a recipe for it as yet.
      Good hearing from you Mohamed, and thank you so much for your offer.
      My mailing address is
      Dan Riegler
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