The Dragon’s Loyalty Award-Part 2


Dragon’s Loyalty Award Post,

Part -2


As promised when I accepted my nomination for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, I have taken a couple of weeks to choose my nominees for the award,  those I hope will pass this award forward to those they feel represent the qualities of loyalty in their own blogging sphere.


The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is self-explanatory, though there is loyalty given, loyalty received, there is also a loyalty one sees in others who are authentic, or genuine in their writing.  They maintain a loyalty to self.


   Below, are people who have been supportive of, and loyal to my blogging efforts, those whom I support and feel a sense of loyalty to, and, those to whom I admire for their loyalty to self, their authenticity and genuineness as writers and bloggers. There are others who equally deserve this award, and for different reasons I am not including them here.Though the list is less than the 15  suggested, it is what I can afford without compromising the intent or integrity of the award. The message to me here, is to expand my community and online sociability. To not be such a hermit. I hope you take the time to check them out and expand your blogging circle of acquaintances.

The explanation of the award, passed on to me by my blogging friend and fellow gardener, Steve from, including the “rules” that the nominees should read,  are found here, in

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award Post

The nominees are…..  DSH Notebook- The weblog of an artist, mother, blogger and perfumer.–   Two Trees Herbal- An inspired and inspiring web-log of one woman’s journey through life.  Thoth-A font of wisdom and nutritious food for thought.  Naked Nerves-The things we don’t  share about our selves, our journey, are often what others need most to hear.  -YellowStar Essentials-A useful, accurate and informative resource. With a passion for fragrance, aromatherapy and spirit. Candice has spent years researching and studying her interests, before passing her  knowledge forward.– John Dodds-Poetry. Life. Passion.   Timely reminders of the path from an accomplished artist, philosopher and shaman. Good online company. Genie Lee-  A wonderful Sculptor with a direct line to, and an intimate relationship with, Nature. Genie has a way with materials, that erases the line between natural and man-made.– A very talented blogger, with a knack for creating  informative posts that are visually appealing, well crafted and concise. Rooted in a solid holistic/alternative education, a passion for fashion and a keen sense of aesthetics, she makes healthy look beautiful.


Enhanced by Zemanta– Classic music and natural botanical perfume. A wonderful combination.
You can find the link to the original award acceptance award and the rules for accepting the award here.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award Post

I hope you take the time to visit these great blogs and enjoy the diverse fruit they offer.


  1. I can’t tell you my utter surprise and delight at being nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by you, Dan. I am touched and honored by your thought. I love what you bring to the blogosphere and hope to inspire and forward the creative flow in what I may bring.
    I’m wishing you peace and goodness, Dawn

    1. Thank you, and my pleasure Dawn.
      I love what you are doing and how you are doing it. Your journey through life, perfume, art and blog are an inspiration to me, and I am sure many others. I always look forward to your posts.


  2. Thank you for the nomination Dan. I really do appreciate it and feel honored to receive it for Naked Nerves. I’m a very loyal fan of yours and I thank you for thinking of me. I may do it in two parts as you have. It’s a good idea… I’ll try to visit some of your other nominees. They all look cool! Good job! You’ve reworked this award to make it broader in it’s scope and that’s a cool thing. You’re keeping it alive!

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