Conscious Consumerism

creativesolblog is one of my favourite blogs to follow. Sometimes the information he collects stre-e-e-e-etches my mind, other times his posts say exactly what’s on my mind and express my deepest convictions much more eloquently than I ever could.
This is a case of the latter. As a community we are just starting to grasp the power we have to change the world, as individual consumers, each spending our few dollars conscientiously, while sharing a common vision. A simple vision of a better world. A fair and peaceful world. We have the power, together, to create a total transformation of life on our planet. How cool is that.




  1. Yes this is right up your street Dan, and mine. I love your free-to-experiment-again new look by the way, beautiful colour and gallery – welcome back to simply double u p!

    1. Thank you Jane. I am liking being back with, Thanks for all your input here. I just finished the last batch of Frankincense creme last night, so your package will be going out tomorrow morning. When I can find all the bits and pieces of past shipping and other costs, we will wipe the slate clean, and start again. If you have any last minute requests for your package let me know.

  2. I thank you dearly for sharing this post Dan. I so love the feedback you gave, and we are definitely starting to wake up more, as you mentioned but not in the exact words; grasping the power to change things. 🙂

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