Nicholas Culpeper‘s  books and “herbals” have been considered classic and well-respected references for hundreds of years now.  Packed with recipes, plant profiles and lore, Culpeper sets out the proper way to identify plants, diagnose and treat patients based on astrological rulerships, “The doctrine of signatures” and Galen’s philosophy of humors.

English: "In Effigiam Nicholai Culpeper E...

English: “In Effigiam Nicholai Culpeper Equitis,” portrait of Nicholas Culpeper, etching, by printmaker Richard Gaywood. 126 mm x 90 mm. Courtesy of the British Museum, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only do they give us a peek at medical and herbal practices of his times, but woven between the lines, one finds a wealth of information on traditional plant alchemy and medical  astrology. Some of this more esoteric information is in the open and presented as a matter of fact, some lies a little deeper for those who have the eyes to see. His books are a “must read” for anyone who has an interest in plant alchemy, traditional European herbalism and medical astrology . This particular volume contains some of his most important writings. I will transfer the book to it’s own page in a few days so it can be easily referenced. Enjoy!


culpepper planetary rulerships

View of celestial influences on the body of woman-Planetary Rulerships

culpeppersenglis Planetary rulerships

View of celestial influences on the body of man-Planetary Rulerships

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