A Chart of Frankincense solubility

Fair Trade Frankincense

Here is an often referred to, unique and useful chart my friend in Addis Ababa, Professor Ermias Dagne, compiled and posted on his website Aritiherbal.com a few years ago. Due to various issues it has rarely been accessible on his website.

Frankincense tree in the wildFrankincense tree in the wild

Many have asked for such a comparative tool for the various types of Frankincense, so, here it is. Much more study and research needs to be done on these precious aromatic and medicinal oleoresins. Not only to accurately discern the many compounds they share and distinguish themselves by, how these compounds affect our physiology, or interact with other compounds and medication, but to deepen our understanding of the trees that bear them as important cultural, economic and ecological entities.

Seeing to the prosperity and well-being of the harvesters and clans that care for these trees in the wild, still seems the most direct and…

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    1. Hi Lois. The piece on Apothecarys Garden is an excerpt. Have a look at the bottom left of the article where it says “view original 396 more words”.
      Click on the words “View original”. You are not the first to mention this, let me know if there is a glitch.


      1. Was the starting weight of each gum resin the same from which the data in the table came? What was that quantity?

        Thanks, Lois


      2. Thank you Lois!! I must have cut out that critical piece of information by accident. The starting weight of all the oleoresins was 500 Grams. I corrected the omission. Nice to have you around!! :-).


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