Letters from the land of Punt

Fair Trade Frankincense

I did not expect this blog to receive much attention except from those who might want to work with oleoresins or buy some Frankincense from my shop.

However, within a year of publishing it, it has grown into a homing beacon for Somali and Somaliland Frankincense harvesters who have found a voice that echos their frustration at the disparities and inequalities of the trade.

Over the past year I have received many messages and emails from Somali harvesters, often deeply moving and sincere expressions of the desperation felt by a culture with their back against a wall.

The traditional Frankincense harvesters tend their hereditary trees and sell their precious resins within a status quo that leaves them locked in poverty while others reap the profits and sell as their own, what has been their unique heritage for thousands of years.

Now, with the voices of the harvesters contributing, my monologue is becoming a…

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  1. I loved reading your blog on violet water syrup. I noticed and was saddened by the repeating that there is no fragrance to violets.
    I’m in North America, and literally you can tell the moment the violets have awakened in my neighborhood, & could place no other smell above it. It is heaven. I just wanted wish you fragrant violets in your future they are breath taking. My room is currently a bowl of perfume 🙂


    1. Hi Abigail.
      Though my experiences with unscented Violets is also in North America, in Southern Ontario, I realize there are numerous varieties suited to our climate. Lucky you to have such a fragrant variety growing nearby!! I would love to know the species name and try to grow them…….


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