Plant Magic, Mysticism and Medicine-the Viridis Genii Symposium 2016

The Viridis Genii Symposium
Plant Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine

June 3rd — June 6th 2016


As some of you know, I will be presenting the keynote speech and conducting a workshop at the Viridis Genii symposium beginning of June in Portland Oregon.

The premise of this gathering is dear to my heart and indicative of a growing Western culture that is actively weaving spirit and the sacred back into our relationship with nature.

Capitalism and industrialisation have brought us many gifts, but the price we have paid for our progress is a disconnection from nature and spirit. We wake each morning to a  world focused on material goods, devoid of content, meaning, ethics or spirit. We look at our negative impact on the world, how we treat our food animals and forests, we see increasing global environmental degradation, loss of species, rampant new diseases and we wonder what we as individuals can do to change this.

There are facets of nature that we cannot understand through study or external sources.  They represent knowledge that is esoteric, transmitted directly, purely experiential and deeply subjective. I believe the answers to our current disconnectedness are found here through deep, intimate and individual reconnecting with Nature. A path that is available to us all. Anytime. Anywhere.

Carefully veiled around us, is a world of ancestral knowledge and timeless wisdom. Within it we find ancient mysteries, lost sciences and arts, dormant magic and technology both forgotten and yet to be discovered. It is ours to draw from if we so choose.

One need not be a mystic, mage or super-spiritual person to dip into this well of  mysteries, gifts and insights, to be initiated into a deeper understanding of nature, the cosmos and our place in it. There are no titles or certificates needed or given, no special invitations or secret handshakes. Entheogens are not mandatory and there is no age requirement. Come, open and willing as you are. Bring your passion. Nature turns no one away.

What awaits us on this path as plant people, herbalists, healers, apothecaries, alchemists, wizards, witches, wildcrafters and more, is a broadened understanding of  cosmic and planetary intelligence and life, a sense of place and stewardship, a  connectedness to nature and humanity as a whole and an ability to not only hear and understand the language of nature, plants and animals, but to communicate  and forge mutually respectful relationships. Here we directly experience  shamanism, animism, magic, mysticism and the healing arts of our collective ethnocultural pasts. Here we discover stewardship of our future.

When we connect deeply and intimately with nature and its plants, animals and minerals, align ourselves with its cycles and rhythms, we enter into the presence of the “other”, the genius, the intelligence, the spirit, that which speaks directly to us. With us. This is the Viridis Genii, the Spirit of the green, and we learn her secrets through Gnosis, experiential knowledge- Green Gnosis. She invites us each into deep intimacy with her in her world and her temple of mysteries, if we but ask.

Though radically personal and subjective, there is a commonality of experience that lends us a shared understanding and language. That shared language creates a community. A growing community . This growth could be deemed a movement. This movement can be discerned in other fields and human endeavours.
I believe when viewed from afar, this slow radical change in perception through individual personal experience can be seen as an evolution on a global scale.

The Viridis Genii Symposium is a call, a beacon to any and all who have experienced or seek to experience the mysteries, magic and medicine of nature beyond its physical form. All who have ever felt there was more in the forest than meets the eye.

This is your invitation. I hope to see you there.





  1. Hello. First of all sorry my english. I´m from Spain living in Mexico and few months ago I found your web. Thank you for great information, you are very generous and I´ve learned a lot. Thanks again and good luck to you, Roser.

  2. Add anthropologists tonthe list of rediscovers of the essentially human love of earth/spirit. Many finding the love like ocean waves giving out having it brought around back taking in.
    We too recognize the precious and ancient knowledge thankfully passed down by different cultures,traditionds,”families” .Therfore your efforts are greatly appreciated my many you may not know of ,but deeply believe.
    You certainly have my gratitude for connecting this culture with the great ,important,precious knowledge seeming lost BUT NOT.
    Golden Blessings,

  3. Dan, thank you for sharing,

    A common friend of ours (at least on Facebook) shared this essay on his timeline, and as I was reading the words in it they spoke directly to my heart, every word ringing true. It is also my experience and my truth. We have to regain that strong connection with nature, our beloved Pachamama, and the good thing is that with today’s technologies we are even able to do so at yet higher and more conscious levels. It is not an either or, we can have the best of both worlds. But that also means that we must discard the excesses of the materialistic capitalistic system. Never before in the world’s known history (I suspect we have much history of highly evolved technological, and for that matter spiritually advanced, societies that we are not aware of) have we been at such a level of development and in a position to truly make the world a place free of material suffering, free from wars and traumas, free from dogmas and prejudice. We have all the resources we need, all the technology, all the knowledge, and also fortunately some amongst us with the wisdom to overcome these challenges. What I believe that many are missing is that link with nature, that deep understanding of what nature can provide, which you so eloquently speak about. And in your poignant essay you more than allude to how we can rediscover that connection, and thus become truly whole again. In this union between today’s modernity and technology and that of finding back to nature’s own technology, mysticisms and healing modalities we have a recipe for truly bringing our world and co-created “reality” to new heights of sustainable material existence, spirituality, and enlightened awareness.

    See you there!

    1. Tron.
      Well said!
      I have been following your adventures and insights on FB and only today discovered your note here.
      It is heartening to see this ideal resonating in others and it makes me hopeful we are on the path. Each with their small contribution make all the difference we need.
      I know this friend you speak of and I feel grateful to have you both in my sphere. I do believe the key is reestablishing our connection with Nature. I believe all our lost and not yet discovered wisdom, knowledge and technology, our evolution as a society, is found in the direct transmission of information on an individual basis.
      See you there!

  4. I was invited some time back by a herbalist friend, but I will be in Ireland working with traditional medicine there. Hopefully I’ll make it next year as that event looks perfect! Have a wonderful time. 🙂

  5. Beautifully written Dan. I would like to suggest that it is not we who are “returning” to nature at this moment in time but rather nature, particularly trees, that is trying to communicate with us and get our attention like never before. Plants are using their secondary metabolites, particularly their fragrant chemicals to try to wake us up since the path through the nose is the most direct way to contact us without the pesky interference of the neocortex. I meet people on a regular basis who are scensing this call. Just as plants work with humans to get us to spread them around the globe as plant propagaters they are influencing us to spread their much needed message about the changes that are occurring to the biosphere by trying to get us to think differently. Frankincense anyone?
    I am so glad that you are so passionately tuned in.

  6. Ahhh, yes. Once we are heart-led by our Father into His creation, we become one with that realm to see not as intellectual beings but as one infused with His Spirit in harmony with all of His creation.

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