A Distillation Workshop in the Apothecary’s garden

Frankincense Frereana essential oil distillation in separatory funnel.

For those who will be in South Central Ontario this weekend

As promised, I will teach a distillation workshop this Saturday in the Apothecary’s Garden at the Teaching gardens in Churchill Park Hamilton. It will be part of the Hamilton Herbal Weekend. Short notice, but it will keep you limber.

You will learn

  • How to distill essential oils and make hydrosols at home.
  • What equipment you need, where to get it and how to create high quality products from harvest to bottle.
  •  I will cover the basics of safely  distilling and using essential oils.
  • The difference between the therapeutic properties of essential oils and other plant products. When and how to use essential oils and what not to expect from them.
  • How to make your own products for beauty and health.

I will be happy to answer questions related to distillation and the Apothecary arts. Which include but are not limited to growing, harvesting and processing herbs, sustainability, ethics and etiquette in wildcrafting, stewardship of the wild, fair trade, sustainable and regenerative commerce, plant energetics and intelligence, Medicinal Astrology and Plant Alchemy.

The subject of the distillation will be fresh Frankincense Serrata from India. The cost of the workshop is only $20.00. Some of my products will be available for purchase, and at the end of the distillation the freshly distilled essential oil and hydrosol will be offered for sale. Profit from sales will go towards my upcoming trip to Madagascar. https://apothecarysgarden.com/2016/09/12/chocolate-dreams-vanilla-beans-cinnamon-cloves-and-lemurs-madagascar-2016/

Drop by if you are in the neighborhood..



  1. Hi Dan,

    Can you please advise the type of distiller suitable to distill Frankincense and if hotplate can be used as I live in an apartment and can not use gas burner? The issue with hot plate is they do cycle, on and off and I am afraid this may effect my distillation process.


    1. Hi Abdi.
      Frankincense can be distilled in a pot still, directly in the water, (Hydro distillation), or it can be suspended in a colander above the water for steam distillation. Most distillation units will accommodate the distillation of Frankincense.
      I know it can be frustrating working in an apartment with a hotplate. It can be a bit limiting, but I have found once the water in your still reaches temperature, most hotplates will keep it boiling. I just posted a video distilling Frankincense on a hotplate which you can view here.-http://wp.me/p4xkwu-2pT

    1. Good to know Melissa. I am slowly getting myself organized for making videos. In the next month or so you should find a distillation video on this blog. Stay tuned…

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