Extracting the resin and Boswellic acids from Frankincense. A visual walkthrough.

Spent resin, Frankincense, resin acids, Frankincense papyrifera

Many have asked for clearer instructions on the method I use for separating the resin with its Boswellic acids from Frankincense in the post “Tapping into Frankincense and its Boswellic acids. An easy extraction method”. I realize written descriptions leave a lot of room for interpretation and a video would be the best method of demonstration.


  1. I have tried your extraction methods twice now and I have to thank you so much, your information is excellent!! I use frankincense gum in my beard and mustache waxes and I never would’ve been able to without your instructions.

  2. Wonderfull information, thank you. I am currently chewing Omani sacra of which a small pea sized amount lasts for hours. Would my salivary amylase break down the resin enough to release boswellic acids?

    1. Hi Andrew.
      While I have found no scientific evidence that amylase dissolves or releases Boswellic acids when Frankincense is chewed, people have been chewing Frankincense for thousands of years for its therapeutic effects.
      There is a theory that the water-soluble gum portion acts as an intermediate, an emulsifier, breaking down some of the oil soluble and hydrophobic resin acids, but again, I have seen no studies proving or disproving the theory.

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