How to make an essential oil still at home-A distillation workshop at The Apothecary’s garden.

Gratitude to Christianne L’Esperance for shooting, editing and posting this video. It shows how easy it is to distill essential oils at home. In it I share some of the basic principles, terminology, dos and don’ts, easy to access parts and where to get them. Though by no means a step by step walk through, I hope my approach and philosophy are just as helpful as the practical instructions. Recording was cut short by a dying phone battery, but the outcome of a distillation demonstration is no mystery. Attendees received the hydrosol of Frankincense Serrata with a healthy layer of essential oil. My thanks to everyone who came to the workshop and made it so enjoyable for me.




  1. The video is informative but the sound isn’t so good!
    Can you tell us where to the name of the distributor for the distillation equipment pls.


    1. Hi Lyla.
      I don’t mention the brand of the couscousierre in the video. However this is the one I used. You can find them on Ebay for about $100.00-$150.00 US.
      Cuisinox Gourmet 16 Quart Cous Cous Pot


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