I have been told on occasion my instructions here could be clearer.  Though I’ve been meaning to rewrite some of them or do video tutorials, I just haven’t found the time.  Luckily, my Aromatherapist friend Robin Schiller-Kessler took the initiative, built my “Magical Couscousiere” still, and recorded the process step by step.

An essential oil distillation with the Magical Couscousiere. Atmospheric pressure and gently sealed with Teflon tape.

A distillation with the Magical Couscousiere. At atmospheric pressure and gently sealed with Teflon tape.

I named it the Magical Couscousiere because it can do so many things.

  • With it you can distill essential oils and alcohol.
  • The bottom pot can be used as a traditional water bath or Bain Marie.
  • Using the insert one can gently warm formulations using the steam from below.
  • You can perform hydro distillation by adding your aromatic material directly to the water.
  • And you can run steam distillations using the basket.
  • It can produce high-quality essential oils and is a great introduction to the art of distillation where one can learn from experience before choosing an appropriate ready-made still.

Here is a link to her PDF in which she explains clearly where to get the materials, how to construct and how to operate this versatile little still.

Easy instructions for Making your own essential oil still.

Thanks, Robin.

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