About Dan Riegler

Dan Riegler has found comfort joy and inspiration from mother nature since early childhood.
Born Raised on a beautiful wooded property in Ancaster Ontario, he would badger his father from an early age about each and every plant their uses their habits their names. On the property was amassive hunk of granite it was huge and tiwered above him, an anomaly. he was told that a glacier brought it. it was a mystery and he knew instantly and deeply that there was a mystery within it. At the age if 7 He attempted to pry its secrets from it with a screw driver, but after days of futile scratching decided to put pursuit of the mystery off till he was more prepared bigger and stronger. At 17 he picked up where he left off and became a sculptor, working for many years with stone. Revealing the profound from within its hard casing. of at the age if 30 while looking at the natural granite forms of the Canadian Shield, he realized he could not compete with the beauty and the mystery that nature so easily created and resigned himself to appreciating the greater beauty that surrounded him. There was no point working manualky to creat that which Nature created with such ease. It had already been done.
His passion for plants continued to find expression through the decades, studying ancient texts on herbalism astrology and alchemy, he found the thread of the mystery he glimpsed in the stone so many years before. Believing that magic, beauty, spirit and love were all one. stone. and learned to speak he has been asking questions about plants and their medicinal uses.

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