“As above, So below”, Herbal Astrodynamics in a nutshell

Astrodynamics, Nature and Man couched in the Astrological Matrix

Astrodynamics is a modern term coined for a method of working with plants and Astrology to refine the energetic and physical qualities of herbs and their products. It is a branch of Herbal Alchemy which seeks to sublimate and potentiate plant qualities by working in harmony with Nature . Its goal is to bring plant life to its fullest potential, or in other words to transmute what is mundane to a higher form of itself. This is reflected in the well-known pursuit of mineral Alchemy, transmuting Lead to Gold.

According to Astrodynamics, each plant’s physical, energetic and therapeutic properties resemble and resonate with different astrological and Planetary bodies. Each plant is influenced by, or “Ruled by” a planet and/or Sign of the Zodiac and there is a resonance, a harmony and an affinity between them. These energies are at their peak in plant life when their ruling sign or planet is prominent or well aspected in the sky. When their ruling planets or signs are at an ebb or in conflict with other heavenly bodies, the corresponding qualities in their subjective herbs will also be at an ebb. There are different influences that are considered in this approach to herbalism.

The symbols used in Western astrology to represent the astrological signs (Zodiac) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-The natal chart which shows the Astrological positions, relationships and influences at each given moment.

-The position of the Moon, whether waxing or waning, in which sign of the Zodiac it is passing through, and the nature of the “aspects” it is creating in relation to other planetary bodies.

-The day of the week, each is ruled by a different planet, as is each hour of the day.

-Care is also given to one’s intent and mindfulness in every step of the process. One cannot separate oneself from the equation or not influence the end product. Each species is accorded the respect and care due to a unique individual, not a commodity. Thus Astrodynamics is about the dynamics of relationships, the interconnectedness and interdependence and influence of of all things on each other. The dynamics of the whole, otherwise known as the holistic approach to plant medicine.

-My experience has shown, that growing, harvesting and processing plants, conscientiously while working with their rulerships and Astrological affinities in this manner, yields products of superior medicinal quality, colour, fragrance and extended shelf life.

The second place we utilize this knowledge is when the medicine is made. This is directed by the organ or area of the body the dis-ease is affecting. Each organ is “Governed” by its own astrological and planetary signs.

The body and organs are supported with herbs that have an affinity with them. The medicine is produced at a time these energies are at their peak. While the dis-ease is addressed with herbs that are astrologically opposite in their nature and energy.

These are some basic principles of Astrodynamics, Herbal Alchemy and Medicinal Astrology, in a nutshell.

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