Damask Rose Buds

Fragrant, brightly coloured and freshly dried, these Rose Buds are of the highest quality.

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Though Roses need no introduction, good-quality dried Rosebuds are difficult to source. To my senses, good quality, first of all, means fragrant, and these beauties have a rich, wonderful and potent fragrance. Stored in our cool basement, their scent fills the space. (Blending beautifully with the many Frankincense types that share the area).
They were recently harvested and dried in such a way that not only their aroma was captured, but they have kept their vibrant colour.

Why would an Apothecary Shop carry fresh dried Rosebuds? We can prepare endless wonderful, classic and natural products with them.

Potions, lotions, philtres.
Cosmetics therapeutics, aromatherapy and more.

You can easily find recipes online to make Facial tonics, astringents, scrubs, sprays and washes for your face, hair, body and soul from Rose Buds.
Roses are an ideal skincare ingredient since they are lightly astringent and suited to both oily and dry skin.

A simple infusion of Rose Buds in warm oil will yield a fragrant base for many skincare products
A sachet of Roses in a cloth pouch is a wonderful addition to a lingerie, sock or underwear drawer.
Sprinkle Rosebuds or petals in the water to make a relaxing and romantic bath.
Roses are a wonderful base for a fragrant Potpourri,
Roses are a classic ingredient in Incense, perfumes, and many traditional medicine formulas.
Mix Frankincense tears or coarse powder with these Rosebuds and let them sit in a closed jar for a few weeks. Separate the roses and you will have a naturally scented Rose Frankincense incense. (Rose and Frankincense is truly a classic combo!)
The fragrance and very presence of Roses can calm and nourish the heart, the mind and the soul.
Roses are a classic ingredient around the world in the spells, potions, poetry and language of love.
Nothing says Love like Roses, whether it is the Love we feel towards others, ourselves or the Divine.

Are they "Organic"?

Though Afghanistan has no official "Organic" certification program, The guidelines that farmers must follow when growing these roses are strict and uncompromising. NO chemicals are allowed in the soil or on the leaves and flowers.

These are the famous Damask roses known across the globe. The essential oil, Rosewater, food, cosmetics and traditional medicine industries rely on the natural purity of these roses and the government periodically tests them to assure there are no chemical traces present
Instead, each Rose farmer is given a quota of Ladybugs to perform natural pest control.

The Rose buds are collected before dawn each and every morning for 4 weeks, just before they open, (which also negates any need for preventative measures.) They are carefully dried in the traditional manner, in the shade, to prevent fading of their colour and fragrance.

Astrologically, Roses are ruled by the Planet Venus whose dominion is over Love, sex, fertility, abundance and prosperity. Also known as Aphrodite by the Greeks she is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and aesthetics.

Don't be mislead by the weight of the material. Because it is very light, a 1 Ounce bag holds over 1 1/2 cups of Rosebuds which is about all an average person can hold in their 2 cupped hands.


Materials: Damask Roses, Rosa damascena.

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Mckayla (Ashburn, US)
exactly what i wanted thank you

exactly what i wanted thank you

Asia (Ashburn, US)
These are amazing. The smell is breathtaki...

These are amazing. The smell is breathtaking - I will definitely be getting more of this!

Ian (Ashburn, US)
Very fresh fragrant good quality

Very fresh fragrant good quality

Sarah (Nanaimo, CA)
Fresh and potent

Wow, just wow! Was not expecting this level of quality. Was it picked yesterday?

Beverly (Ashburn, US)
Loved it and everything I got

Loved it and everything I got