Artisan Essential Oil Distillers

A short, but I hope growing list of Small batch, conscientious essential oil distillers of distinguished and high Quality essential oils.

They each have their own unique approach, live in different areas and often use very different distilling methods and apparatus. What they do share is a passion for distilling and a pride in their work. Something one will not find in Mainstream mass produced essential oils. Though you won’t find Much Gas Chromatography analysis here since it is not financially viable to test each small batch. I have also lost my faith in mainstream, essential oils and have no doubt the specialists who doctor them are good at their job. The focus needs to move to aspects of quality that actually mean something. Ethic, fair trade, sustainability and pride in craftsmanship are not things so easily faked. it is time we gt away from mass produced generic essential oils from faceless middlemen and started investing our money in our artisans, small businesses, and a grassroots economy that may one day replace faceless corporations and corporate greed.

North American Artisan distillers

Jack Chaitman- Scents of knowing, Maui

Jessica Ring-Ring Botanicals

Eric Zvonchenko-Cascadia Terroir

Eric Bresselman-