Animal Musks

Among the rarest and most highly prized materials, animal Musks have been used in perfume, incense and Traditional medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Most are considered aphrodisiacs and there are indeed modern studies that corroborate some of these claims.
Animalics add depth, lift and dimension to aromatic blends while functioning as fixatives that help anchor lighter and more fleeting perfume notes. Many are used in traditional medicine systems for a variety of ailments including hormonal imbalances.
Most are also used in folk magic for their aphrodisiac qualities and their purported effects of attracting and arousing love and sex.

The majority of these materials are collected responsibly and sustainably with an eye to the welfare of the animals. However, Civet and Deer’s musk still require our attention, thought and effort to bring them in line with higher ethical values and standards of animal welfare.

I address all the above issues in the listing descriptions and invite everyone to invest in the process of developing methods of collection that are more animal-centric, sustainable and responsible.

You can find more information on the Civet situation in my post here-


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