Essential Oils & Hydrosols

These are small-batch artisan-distilled essential oils and hydrosols that I distilled, plus a few that are distilled by guest artisans from around the world.

Artisan-distilled means personal time, care and attention were invested by the distiller to create the highest-quality product. Most essential oils on the market are produced in vast quantities with a minimum of cost and effort with the goal of increasing volume and profit margins.

On the other hand, an artisan performing a small-batch distillation will more often than not invest more time, effort and money to create small amounts of a high-quality product.

Needless to say, Many mass-produced essential oils commonly found in physical and online shops have been adulterated and “stretched” to lower the cost and provide greater profit to corporations, brokers and middlemen. Many are blended with nature-identical molecules that are virtually undetectable.

Purchasing directly from artisan distillers carries an implicit guarantee of purity as well as quality.
Since I work mostly with resins, I should add that most of the essential oils in the shop will mature and evolve in complexity and depth over the years. Like fine wines, their value increases with time.


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