Frankincense Oleo Extracts

Many tree resins such as Frankincense contain an abundance of therapeutic compounds in their resin portion. These compounds, including the Boswellic acids, are liberated from Frankincense through the process of powdering the tears and infusing it in warm oil. These are what I call Oleo Extracts and are likely the most direct way to deliver Frankincense’s therapeutic qualities to and through the skin. I process all my Oleo Extracts Astrodynamically, which in my experience, delivers products of outstanding quality.

These oleo extracts can be applied directly to the skin, diluted in carrier oils or used as one ingredient of many in cosmetic and therapeutic formulations. For instructions on how to make your own therapeutic oleo-extracts, please see my post here-

We have been infusing resins into fixed oils for thousands of years. These infusions represent our first and most ancient perfumes, cosmetics, unguents and therapeutic balms. They are in our genes.

Most of these oleo extracts are prepared with Fractionated Coconut oil which has an indefinite shelf life and requires no preservatives. They are ready to use.


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