Frankincense Powders

Many formulas call for powdered Frankincense. Grinding the resin exposes more of the aromatic and therapeutic compounds and makes it easier to create homogeneous blends.

Since I never know with certainty what went into pre-ground materials, I grind all our resins in-house in small batches. Purchasing powdered resin saves my customers time, effort and cleanup. Often Oleo gum resins like Frankincense and Myrrh require numerous rounds of grinding and drying before reaching an ideal consistency. So these powders are a great time saver and my customers can know with certainty they are working with fresh and high-quality materials.

That being said, grinding our own resins, (especially in a mortar and pestle), is an excellent way to really connect. Not just with the material, focus our minds on our intention and surprisingly, it is easy to connect with our ancestors. Rest assured, no matter what cultures exists in your genes, your predecessors pounded pestle into mortar for thousands of years before you.
If you would like to grind your own resins, please see my instructions here-

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