Frankincense resin extracts

While the resin portion of frankincense holds the brunt of it’s therapeutic compounds, they are not as easily accessed as those of other oleoresins. This is because most frankincense types are ole-gum-resins and their resin can only be completely accessed when it is liberated from the water-soluble gum that is present. This can easily be seen when one understands that most frankincense types exit the tree as white emulsions and a homogeneous blend of oil and water soluble compounds. One method to liberate and collect the pure resin of frankincense is through the process of hydrodistillation. After distilling the essential oils of frankincense, the residue that is left is the pure resin portion. Though large distilleries discard this resin as waste, it is likely the most valuable part of frankincense. Washed in the still from gum, these resin extracts dissolve easily in warm oils to create fragrant medicated oils that can be used in a broad range of cosmetic and therapeutic products.

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