Incense ingredients & Raw Aromatics

Whether you want to burn a single resin on charcoal to cleanse a space or meditate or compound an elaborate incense blend for religious or ritual purposes, you will find the highest quality ingredients here.

Incense is likely the very first perfume, (The word perfume literally means “From smoke” and we have collectively carried the fragrance of aromatic smoke on our bodies and clothes for millennia.
Incense has been used in traditional medicine and is integral to many religious, spiritual and magical disciplines around the world.

As an artisan, I believe the first step to producing high-quality products, is using high-quality materials.

There are many factors that contribute to the quality of a raw aromatic material.
Is the material fresh, or has it sat around in a hot warehouse for years?
Was it properly harvested at the right time in the season? Was it properly dried? Was it stored properly? Has it absorbed the odours of other aromatic materials?
Noting the material’s colour, texture, taste and aroma can give us insights into its history and quality.
But the true quality of things is much more than their molecules. The best quality artisanal materials are also collected in a sustainable manner that assures bounty to many generations ahead of us. Good quality material is couched in the best qualities. The harvesters, collectors and their communities thrive and have a healthy relationship with the land and the plants.

Raping, looting and pillaging the land as we have for thousands of years for our natural resources is no longer an option. We have taken from the earth and given nothing in return for far too long.

And the simple truth is that what we are doing is not sustainable and it is only a matter of time before we can no longer purchase this material. This is what a sustainable harvest means. Though often unseen, these are also factors that contribute to the quality of our materials. Good quality materials resonate and emanate their inherent level of quality to all that they touch.

The harvesters and collectors are ideally positioned as stewards of our natural resources. Their wellbeing is a fundamental and integral factor in the chain of supply and the sustainability of our aromatic and medicinal plants. Just as we need to take care of the environment and our plant populations, we need to take care of our harvester communities.

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