Everything Myrrh-Commiphora

Myrrh. Though one encounters variations of Myrrh like Bisabol and Heerabol Myrrh, Scented Myrrh and Sweet Myrrh, they are sisters of the One main Myrrh tree whos name is Commiphora Myrrha.
Myrrh has been used, in perfume and incense and as medicine for thousands of years and was often worth its weight in gold.
The Egyptian queen brought Myrrh trees back to Egypt from the Land of Punt and attempted to cultivate them
Recent studies show anti-inflammatory compounds, cancer-fighting, skin toning and a myriad of other therapeutic compounds found in Myrrh.
The scented sisters of Myrrh are no less prestigious. Opoponax, Bisabol and Heerabol Myrrh, Kua Myrrh from Socotra Island, Hagar from Kenya, Commiphora confusa who defies the label of Myrrh and is called Kenyan Frankincense. All are listed here in this collection along with their resins, extracts and essential oils.

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