Natural Skincare & Astrodynamic Preparations

There is a strong affinity between tree resins and the skin. Frankincense, Myrrh, Elemi, the soft Copals and many other resins have been used to heal, rejuvenate, moisturize and tone the skin and to treat a wide array of skin conditions.

The formulas and methods of preparation I use to create these products are based on traditional wisdom, the tenets of traditional plant Alchemy and Medical Astrology. It is a system I have dubbed “Astrodynamics” I have found that my Astrodynamic products have better colour and aroma, longer shelf life and greater efficacy than regular products. This is a subjective observation that is confirmed by hundreds of glowing customer reviews.

I have included some of my Astrodynamic Oleo Extracts in this collection since they are a simple and effective way to explore the efficacy of oleo extracts for yourself and to make your own cosmetic and therapeutic products. If desired, you can blend them with other carrier oils and/or add up to 2% essential oils to them. The oleo Extracts make an excellent ingredient when preparing a water/oil emulsion or creme.


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