Pure powders-produced fresh in-house

Pure powdered resins-Fresh-ground in-house for incense, perfume, capsules, cremes, salves, tinctures and medicated oils. I avoid buying powdered herbs or spices unless I have absolutely no choice. Mainly because I don’t know how long they have sat or what quality of material has been mixed in with them. Often reputable retailers who buy powdered material from brokers have no idea how old the powder is and what went into it.

Grinding my own fresh herbs and resins guarantees high-quality material for my work and for my customers.
I use my freshest and best quality resins and only grind as much as I need. Powder never sits around long in the studio. When it is gone, I just powder up some more so it is always fresh.

Pre-powdered resins are quite versatile and convenient to use because the dreary and time-consuming grinding, drying, grinding and drying have been done.

These powders can be used to prepare your own oleo-extracts for cosmetic, therapeutic and aromatic products. They can be added to capsules, used to prepare tinctures, perfumes, incense and absolutes.

Whatever you are preparing with them, always make clear notes! Your future self will thank you…


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