Resin Extracts-For Oils, Salves & Cremes

Resin extracts are the solid portion of aromatic oleoresins left over after distilling the essential oil out of oleoresins. They are composed of resin acids which deliver the bulk of the therapeutic compounds found in most oleoresins.

Their easy solubility in warm oils and waxes makes them convenient and effective materials for preparing both cosmetic and therapeutic salves, cremes, lotions as well as incense, solid perfumes and moustache waxes.

I usually prepare cosmetic and therapeutic products from resin extracts at a ratio of 1 part extract to 3-5 parts oil.

Due to the nature of these heavier aromatic molecules, the resin extracts also act as fixatives for more fleeting notes in blends and lend a more tenacious and enduring aroma to our products.

Though these resin extracts will dissolve in warm oils and waxes, they will need to be filtered to remove small bits of bark and stray water-soluble gum particles. This can be done easily, (Carefully), using a metal mesh coffee filter while they are hot and mobile.

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