Sustainable Harvest & Fair Trade

Though not all the aromatics in the shop are harvested in a sustainable manner, a growing number are. I believe if we talk about sustainability, insist on sustainable products from our suppliers, actively engage the issue, support and contribute to those organizations that are dedicated to developing sustainable practices and promote sustainability in any way we can, we can all contribute to the change and healing of the planet and our society.

Our historical approach to nature’s medicinal and aromatic treasures has been closer to pillage than thoughtful resource management.

Some of the products in this collection are harvested with relatively low impact on the plant and the environment.

Some are collected from the ground and others are collected from cultivated stock ensuring wild populations remain undisturbed.

There are many ways we can improve the sustainability of our resources and it will only happen if and when we are fully engaged.

Our “Sustainable” collection includes products made with these sustainably harvested materials.

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