Traditional Aphrodisiacs

Around the world and for millennia, many materials have been considered aphrodisiacs, capable of attracting and arousing love, desire, intimacy, virility and sexual feelings.
The word aphrodisiac is rooted in the name of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite. (Meaning “She who arises from the froth of the sea, or Mar Yam, aka Mary, meaning, the bitter of the sea)

Modern studies confirm that some of these materials do have an effect on our physiology, and emotional and mental states. This collection presents some of the traditional aphrodisiacs. Whether their effects are myths or facts will be up to us to decide.

There are recent studies showing Frankincense’s ability to increase sexual activity virility and fertility. And I have included the traditional aromatic representatives of love and attraction, roses, Ylang Ylang and Tonka.

Some materials are used physically and internally while others are used in folk magic and poetry. Whichever way we used them, they all have associations with Love and sex. And I have included them here.


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