Ambergris Oil 5%-A rare aromatic and aphrodisiac


Mystical, magical and rare, Ambergris is a traditional ingredient in perfume, incense and medicine. it has been highly prized as an aphrodisiac for centuries.



Ambergris Oil-Gold Ambergris @5% in Fractionated coconut oil.
A rare natural aromatic and aphrodisiac used in perfume, incense and medicine for thousands of years.

Oil of Ambergris

This is an oil infusion/extract of Ambergris. In aroma, it is velvety smooth with a dry, sophisticated marine note, hints of cured tobacco, petrichor, (the scent of the earth after rain),  and an underlying soft musk with delicate notes of warm animal fur.

A tenacious note reminiscent of our own skin seems to act as a bridge, blurring the line of where the perfume starts and our natural body odour ends. This aromatic affinity may also contribute to the anchoring power and longevity of perfumes that contain Ambergris.

A perfume does not necessarily need to mask or hide our natural fragrance. It can also work with and integrate into our personal odour, building on it, creating and projecting a new aroma/persona with natural depth and authentic presence rooted in our own.

Sustainably Sourced

Expelled through excretion or emesis by the Sperm whale, (depends whom you ask), Ambergris is thought to form in the digestive tract as a response to the irritation of residual squid and cuttlefish beaks which the whale cannot digest. Nowadays one also finds man-made objects wrapped in a protective layer of Ambergris. These intrusions and inclusions are most often plastic products such as bags, pieces of fishnet and other garbage we cast to the sea.

With the aid of a compound produced in the whale’s bile duct, a waxy substance is created which coats the irritants and builds up in layers. These layers are one of the indicators of real Ambergris.
Once Ambergris exits the whale it can float on the ocean for years and lie undiscovered on a beach for decades. This is where all the shop Ambergris comes from. No whales were harmed in its collection. The material used in this oil hails from a beach in the south Pacific

A perfume fixative and aphrodisiac

Ambergris is a cross-cultural, traditional medicine used to treat respiratory diseases, strengthen and balance the organs and nervous system. Used for thousands of years in perfume and incense, it is considered a natural fixative that extends the lifespan of perfume on the skin and anchors more fleeting notes. In many cultures, it is considered an aphrodisiac increasing libido and sexual powers.

In some Arabian traditions, a drop or two of Ambergris oil is rubbed into the scalp as an aphrodisiac and sexual attractant. This is reminiscent of the more modern use of Poplar Bud Oil which blends with the scalp’s natural odour creating a unique and attractive personal fragrance.


Less is more

Like other natural animal-sourced fragrance compounds, the olfactory magic of Ambergris lies not in the strength of its aroma.
It does not transform a perfume by adding the intensity of its aroma proportionally to a blend. Instead, it operates in a less obvious manner, as if anchored in the interstices of aroma, rounding out or pulling together a bouquet from underneath. It adds depth, tenacity and extra dimension to compositions by means of a mechanism that is not well understood. To a great degree, all animalics work on the principle of less is more. Only a minute amount is needed in a perfume to exert its influence.

Prepare your own oil, tincture or attar

Ambergris is used in perfumes as an alcohol tincture or an oil infusion at a very low 1% to 5%.

Oil of Ambergris can be added to an alcohol-based perfume blend at up to 30%, (@95% alcohol), without clouding. A higher water-content will lower the % of oil one can add.

For information and instructions for making your own Ambergris products please see my post Ambergris, how to prepare an oil, Attar and tincture

You can purchase raw Ambergris here-



An informative and entertaining look at Ambergris from a historical perspective

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