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Famous as a cosmetic ingredient since time immemorial, the rejuvenating effects of Frankincense are well known. It is most commonly used to address wrinkles, signs of aging and mature skin,

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Frankincense Creme is now in new, elegant and reusable Airless pumps.

Famous as a cosmetic ingredient since time immemorial, the rejuvenating effects of Frankincense are well known. It is most commonly used to address wrinkles, signs of aging, and mature skin, and is believed to add elasticity to the skin. Frankincense rejuvenating creme is made with the complete and whole oleoresin of Frankincense Frereana, not just the essential oils as in most other products.

In the case of Frankincense, the majority of the resins therapeutic compounds are found in its resin and not in its essential oil. The distilled essential oils contain only a tiny percent of the active compounds in the material, the more volatile and aromatic elements. Many of the plant’s therapeutic chemicals are lost after distilling the essential oils. For this reason, I strive to use the whole oleoresin whenever possible.

I believe there is a synergy in a plant in its natural state. By using both the resin and the essential oil, we can experience greater benefits than using either portion on its own.

Though relatively little research has been done on Frankincense, there has been a lot of excitement recently with the discovery of groundbreaking compounds called Boswellic acids, found only in the resin and not in the essential oils. Boswellic acids are anti-inflammatory and demonstrate cancer-killing activities. Incensole and Incensole acetate show promise in addressing anxiety, depression and head trauma. These are only 2 of the many compounds found in the whole oleoresins of the Frankincense family. There is so much more to discover yet!

Our Frankincense Rejuvenative Creme is made with Fresh Frankincense Frereana oleoresin, also known as “Elemi Frankincense”. Locally it is called Maydi and “The King of Frankincense”. The historical and traditional demand for Maydi in Arabia and Africa is so great that little of this precious material has been available in the West until recently.

This is a rich, lush creme. It goes on silky smooth with no greasy residue. It is absorbed quickly but leaves the skin feeling nourished, soft and supple. It is safe applied around the eyes and has a lovely frankincense fragrance. No extra fragrance is added.

Please note that though this creme has a beautiful effect on the skin of 99% of customers, no herb is “One size fits all” and has precisely the same effect on everyone. It is possible that one’s body/skin does not have an affinity to whole Frankincense resin or one of the other ingredients in this product. Always test the effects of the creme on a small patch of skin and wait a few hours to see what your skin has to say about it.

Made with whole Frankincense Frereana, Jojoba oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax (made from palm oil), and Vitamin E., and contains “Liquid Germal Plus,” a broad spectrum, non-Paraben preservative.

I no longer produce a preservative-free version. After educating myself on the dangers of harmful and unseen bacteria, fungi and molds that will proliferate within days, I could not take the risk even when refrigerated. If you would like to make your own preservative-free Frankincense creme, please see the links below.

Customers in the USA, please note that due to FDA regulations, I have had to change the wording on the labels. Instead of saying “Frankincense Rejuvenative Creme”, the labels read “Frankincense Creme Complete”. It is the same product. The new wording reflects that it is made with the whole and complete Frankincense resin and not just the essential oils.

Frankincense Rejuvenative Creme is packaged in reusable “Airless pumps,” which do not allow air to enter the bottle and help keep the creme sterile. These dispensers operate without a tube and must be primed before producing any creme. To prime these pumps, press repeatedly and vigorously on the pump head until you feel the resistance of the creme rising up the head. Turn the bottle upside down if needed and press/pump it repeatedly until the creme starts flowing.

For more information on Frankincense Frereana, please see my post “.-

For instructions on making your own creme from whole oleoresins, please see my post-

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“A little lasts a very long time. It is getting rid of the old age hyperpigmentation on my face and has eliminated my granddaughter’s very bad eczema. A fine, high-quality product.”

“I love this creme……I wish it came in a larger size!”

“A must-have for skin brutalized by the sun. This needs to be a stock item in your arsenal if you are over 40. Smells wonderful, ethically produced and shipping is always fast.”

“I LOVE this product!! Fast shipping.”

“I didn’t want to like this, for some reason, but I really do, it’s light and refreshing. I have a huge collection of creams from Sephora to dept stores to Amazon to Etsy and this ranks up in my very favorites.”

“This cream is so lovely! It smells so delicious and sinks right into my skin. I especially like what it’s doing for hands, which have been battered by driving in the Texas sun. Thanks Dan!”

“Let me highly recommend-with no reservations-Dan’s Frankincense Rejuvenative Cream! I was lucky to get some from Dan last year and it has made a significant improvement to my aged, sun damaged skin, especially in the decolletage area.” Chris”

“This is wonderful! Thanks so much Dan!”

“Amazing scent and healing benefits. Gratitude.”

“An excellent crème and in the length of time already used it has given my skin a smoother appearance and used in conjunction with moisturizer happy to know it is working to enhance health of skin and provide some protection!”

“I am very satisfied with this creme, thus far. This will be, yet another, repeat purchase.”

“This product is just wonderful! I’ve only had it about a week or so and can already feel and see the difference. Dan cares about his product and his customers….I received a detailed message from him regarding his product prior to even receiving it. Thank you-Dan!”

“I love this product! I hope it is forever in stock!!!”

“Tengo piel sensitiva y no me ha hecho daño! Buenisima!!!”

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Argan oil, distilled water, Frankincense Extract, Frankincense Frereana, Frankincense hydrosol, Liquid Germal Plus, Maydi Frankincense, Polawax, Vitamin E, Whole Frankincense


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