Hyraceum Tincture-Blonde-Musk, Natural Perfume


Hyraceum Blonde- Musk-10% Tincture-Kenya-Perfume and Incense ingredient. The tincture leads with tenacious notes of Musk and sweet, aged Civet with a soft backdrop of Castoreum and Tobacco.



Hyraceum AKA African Stone is a traditional medicine and perfume ingredient.

What is Hyraceum?

Explaining exactly what Hyraceum is is always fun.
To be succinct, Hyraceum is the mineralized urine and feces of the Rock Hyrax which is the only other animal-related to the elephant. (Even though it looks more like a Groundhog and doesn’t have a long nose.)

Rock Hyrax communities deposit their excrement in the same place for thousands of years. These smelly aggregates are called middens and also serve the function of territorial markers. These middens can be as old as 50.000 years.
Rock Hyrax are most often found basking on warm rocks in sunshiny places from South Africa all the way to Israel and Lebanon, (see photo).

Though in traditional African medicine, the stone has been used as a remedy for epilepsy, Hyraceum is better known for its use in perfumery where it can deliver notes of leather, Deer Musk, Civet, Castoreum and Cade.

A new type of Hyraceum

While the traditional Hyraceum @10% is very dark with intense, sharp, tarry, urine/animalic notes, the material I use for this tincture is light in colour and has a sweeter almost floral scent profile. For this reason, I have named it “Hyraceum Blonde”.

I am grateful I am able to explore, experiment and constantly learn new things.  I found this light coloured stone on the rock walls high above the black Hyraceum deposits. As the centuries go by and this liquid makes it’s way to the ground, it builds up layers of mineralized material often forming stalactites. It is more of an intermediary product and has a colour and scent that is much more refined than the final black deposits.

I didn’t know if it had potential as a perfume ingredient until it had macerated in alcohol for a whole year. It was worth the wait!

Floral and Fougere compositions

At a ratio of 1:10 in alcohol, it is a light yellow without the dark tarry notes and dark, tarry colour. (See comparison photo above.) The tincture leads with tenacious notes of Musk and sweet, floral, aged Civet and a soft backdrop of Tobacco.
It is a calming and comforting scent. There is nothing raw about Blonde Hyraceum. It smells like an aroma that has taken hundreds, if not thousands of years to develop, refine and mature. it works exceptionally well with floral and Fougere compositions.

Other natural musks for consideration are Muskrat Musk, Ambergris Tincture, Castoreum and Skunk tincture.


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