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This listing is for the oil of Hyraceum prepared with the dark Hyraceum stone that you will find in the shop. It has a beautiful deep fragrance profile with sweet dry notes of Deer Musk, aged cognac, soft leather and sweet blonde tobacco.

It opens with heavy, sweet Indolic notes reminiscent of the heart of Jasmine and quickly dries down to reveal a soft Deer Musk character. My guess is that it would blend well with florals as well as oriental and Amber type perfume compositions. . All in all it has a very pleasing deep, rich and smooth fragrance profile.
It contains the equivalent of two batches of Hyraceum tincture and is a little dearer for this reason but I believe it is well worth the extra few dollars. It is the closest natural aromatic to Deer musk I have yet to smell.

This is a unique item and as far as I can tell, is available nowhere else. It took a few months to perfect a system of transferring the characteristic Hyraceum aroma to the oil. I will share the process at some point on the blog. If enough people are interested...

Explaining exactly what Hyraceum is is always fun.
To be succinct, Hyraceum is the mineralized urine and feces of the Rock Hyrax which is the only other animal related to the elephant. (Even though it looks more like a Groundhog and doesn't have a long nose.)

Rock Hyrax communities deposit their excrement in the same place for thousands of years. These smelly aggregates are called middens and also serve the function of social and territorial markers. These middens can be as old as 50.000 years.
Rock Hyrax are most often found basking on warm rocks in sunshiny places from South Africa all the way to Israel and Lebanon.

Hyraceum is well known for its use in perfumery, where it can deliver notes of leather, Deer Musk, Civet, Castoreum and Cade.

Since I am always learning, I can now say that the light-coloured stone is found on the rock walls above the black Hyraceum. As the centuries go by and this liquid makes its way to the ground, it builds up layers of mineralized material, often forming stalactites that have developed their own scent profile distinct from the black deposits that form on the ground.

You can purchase dark Hyraceum stone in the shop and make your own tincture or oil. I use a 1:9 ratio of stone to 95% alcohol, powder it finely and let it macerate for one year.


Materials: Mineralized poop, Hyraceum, Fractionated Coconut oil.

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Libby (Ashburn, US)
For a person that never writes reviews- th...

For a person that never writes reviews- this time is so well deserved!!!
Beautiful products, fast delivery...
Everything exactly as described - and a pure joy to smell it each time I open a bottles.
Thank you so much!!!

Pierre Luettgen (Ashburn, US)
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Thomas Purdy (Ashburn, US)
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