Frankincense Carterii resin Extract

Frankincense Carterii resin Extract is a pure resin devoid of water-soluble gum, for herbalists, apothecaries, medicine and cosmetics makers.

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I made This resin extract from the co-op harvested Somali Frankincense in the shop. It is dried gently and powdered to facilitate ease of use. This is an easy form to work with.

In its natural form as an oleo-gum resin, Frankincense will not blend homogeneously with oils and waxes.
However, when all water-soluble gum is removed, it dissolves easily in warm vegetable oils and waxes, becoming a perfect base for making Frankincense oils, salves and cremes.

Separated of its gum using water and no harsh solvents, Frankincense Carterii resin Extract is a pure oleoresin composed mainly of pentacyclic and tetracyclic triterpenes including the alpha and beta Boswellic acids.

These triterpenes and other valuable compounds are not naturally found in the essential oils of Frankincense or the water-soluble gum portion. Too heavy to come over in hydro or steam distillation they are exclusively found in the resin.

Brittle at room temperature, the isolated oleoresin of Frankincense Carterii dissolves easily in the water bath with vegetable oils, waxes and alcohol. This quality makes it perfect for use in medicated oils, salves, suppositories, cremes and liniments.

The Boswellic acids, including Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA) are considered the active compounds found in some types of Frankincense. In laboratory studies the Boswellic acids exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity, causing apoptosis in cancerous cells and leaving healthy cells undamaged. Studies were performed with different types of cancer cells and can be readily found online.

Frankincense has been used in Ayurveda, Unani, Greek, Western and Traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. In Ayurveda it is traditionally used to treat arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, respiratory and gastrointestinal irritations and inflammations. It is also a popular ingredient in beauty and skin care products often added to formulas for mature skin. In Islamic/Unani tradition it is thought to improve brain function,memory and used to address issues of fertility and libido.

Frankincense Carterii resin Extract makes a clean burning fragrant incense material that can be used alone or powdered, (freeze it first), and mixed with other aromatics. Devoid of water-soluble gum, it melts completely and burns cleanly with no charring.

For a medicated oil it can be blended from a ratio of 1:3 up tp to 1:10 with a carrier oil of your choice. This will yield approximately 3-10 ounces of medicated oil from a one-ounce package.

It has a beautiful texture in salves and cremes, feels lovely on the skin, and the fragrance profile of both resin and essential oil together is more complex than the essential oil of Frankincense.

This resin can be used in moustache waxes and beard balms to add firmness, tenacity, (fragrance), and the effects of a day-long perm. For more information see my recipe.-

For more recipes and instructions on using the different kinds of Frankincense for medicine, incense, cosmetics and perfume please drop by my blog- or
For instructions to make your own resin extract of Frankincense, please visit this link-


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"Made a batch yesterday, treating my sore ankle and lifting my spirits with the fragrance at the same time." D.S.M.

"Will be making a salve with this one. Thank you for the extra's too Dan much appreciated." G.G.

Materials: Oleoresin, Boswellia extract, volatile oils, resin, Boswellic acids, Incensole, Beta Boswellic acids, AKBA, Salve base.

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Julius (Ashburn, US)
Thank you very much! 😊

Thank you very much! 😊

Kat Schultz (Ashburn, US)
This resin extract is the absolute best, n...

This resin extract is the absolute best, non sticky, fragrant high quality, mixes easily since it is extract powder of frankincense, so many uses from health to magical to mystical.

Talia Moon Pollich
melts right into oil thankyou

melts right into oil thankyou

Anita Bins
Exceptional products!! Very happy!!

Exceptional products!! Very happy!!

Melissa Brown
Quality items and quick shipping! Love thi...

Quality items and quick shipping! Love this shop!