Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract

Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract is the fragrant pure resin extracted from Frankincense Sacra-Royal Green Hojari after hydro-distilling its essential oils.

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It has a delicately sweet, Piney, minty, citrus aroma and is perfect as an ingredient in solid perfumes, salves, cremes, cosmetics, incense blends and moustache wax recipes since it dissolves readily in warm carrier oils and waxes in the water bath.

Frankincense Sacra will not blend homogeneously with oils and waxes in its natural form as an oleo-gum resin.
However, when all water-soluble gum is removed, as in the distillation process, it dissolves easily in pure alcohol, warm vegetable oils and waxes, becoming a perfect base for making Frankincense products.

Though we often assume all the scent in our aromatic plants is found exclusively in their essential oils, resins have taught me that they, too have their own distinct aroma which often acts as an excellent fixative, anchoring other more fleeting fragrances.

I have found that most tree resins have an affinity for our skin. This could be attributed to the resin's function of healing the tree's skin, but regardless of the reason, resins mixed with a carrier oil leave the skin feeling soft, supple, smooth and happy.

A ratio of 1 part Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract to 3 to 5 parts carrier oil creates a lovely fragrant and skin-loving oil which can also be used as the oil phase of oil/water cremes

A Moustache or beard wax performs the same as fresh oleoresin, giving great hold and shaping power while "perming" facial hair to the desired shape and lending a distinguished Frankincense fragrance.

In rejuvenative cremes, Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract delivers the traditional anti-aging and skin-toning properties associated with Frankincense. Much more so than the essential oil alone.

To use this product in a moustache wax recipe,, see my post, "

A staple of churches, Mosques and temples around the world, Frankincense resin is traditionally used as incense and medicine.

Frankincense Sacra from Arabia and Oman is one of the frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids which have been shown in laboratory studies to be anti-inflammatory and cause apoptosis in a variety of cancer types. Green Royal Hojari is highly valued in traditional Arabian folk-medicine.

Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract is easy to work with, and its beautiful fragrance follows it through every product you make. For more information, recipes and instructions on making your own therapeutic or cosmetic products from Frankincense resin, please visit-

For recipes, instructions and more information about the different types of Frankincense, Myrrh and other oleoresins, please visit my blog at or

To learn more about the therapeutic properties of Frankincense and how to use Frankincense resins please see this blog post-

Note- Botanically, Boswellia Sacra from Arabia and Boswellia Carterii from East Africa are considered the same species. However, visually, aromatically and chemically they set themselves apart from each other. For this reason, I distinguish this resin from Oman as Boswellia Sacra.


Materials: Post Distillation Resin, Royal Green Hojari Extract, Frankincense Sacra Oman.

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Suz Dickens (Ashburn, US)
Gorgeous globs of light green gold. I love...

Gorgeous globs of light green gold. I love it for salves, burning in my incense burner and chewing as a gum to take in it's pure medicinal qualities balancing parasitic and gut issues.

Sonya Pacocha
Excellent quality. I can't get enough of t...

Excellent quality. I can't get enough of this item.

The Alchemist's Wife West
Great stuff for arthritis and massage oils...

Great stuff for arthritis and massage oils. These guys always have the best oils and resins!

Bryan Bartoletti
Amazing resin as always. I will only buy m...

Amazing resin as always. I will only buy my resin here

Sean Hand
Fantastic quality, as always from this sho...

Fantastic quality, as always from this shop!