Candied Wild Ginger, a Recipe “From Fresh”

A Recipe for making Candied Wild Ginger using fresh rhizomes

-250 Grams, or 1 heaping cup of washed and cleaned Wild Ginger roots cut to 1/2 to 2 inch lengths
-500 Ml. or 2 cups water
-500 Grams or 2 cups white sugar
-extra sugar for coating
-This recipe can be doubled or tripled easily. It yields in its basic form, about 2 cups or 500 grams of candied treats.
-Bring water and sugar to a boil
-add cleaned and cut Wild Ginger rhizomes
-bring to a boil
-reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour
-When cooled to room temperature pour syrup mix and Wild Ginger into a glass jar.
-let sit closed for 3 days.
-Pour off syrup and boil till it reaches 125 degrees Celsius.
-Add Wild Ginger and boil for 15 minutes.
-When room temperature, remove Wild Ginger to a rack and allow to drip dry.
-When no more syrup is dripping from the rhizomes roll the pieces in sugar, making sure they are thoroughly coated.
-Let Ginger pieces sit in sugar overnight or for 8 hours.
-Shake off excess sugar and put your candied Wild Ginger in a sealed jar.
– It will keep for years if it does not get consumed first.

 Recipe for Wild Ginger Pancake Syrup

Add the sugar from coating the Ginger to the syrup and bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Bottle it in sterile jars or decorative bottles where it should keep for a couple of months in a cool dark place. If not using sterile vessels it will keep in the fridge for an equal length of time.



  1. IM just getting in to herbal Alchemy an i hope to try your recipe very soon it sound like a nice snack to have with me when im out in the woods getting herbs or hunting. Im looking to get even more recipes to try soon i do most of my herbal alchemy over a camp fire so i get most of the herbs i use from the woods.

    1. It does make a great snack Denny! Preparing food and medicine over a campfire is a time honoured tradition. Best of luck on your journey and let me know if I can be of help along the way.

    1. Thanks for visiting. As you can tell I am a big fan of Wild ginger, (and Steven). I hope you do try out the recipe, you will likely fall in love Wild ginger too!!

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