Among the fragrant selection is a good quantity of freshly harvested Boswellia Carterii.

Frankincense Carterii is likely the most familiar type of Frankincense to us in the west. It is the mainstay of churches and most common Frankincense type distilled into an essential oil. It has a warm woody Amber heart with sweet citrus overtones.
This Frankincense is supplied by a co-op that I have been working closely with since its inception a couple of years ago. Today it has grown to include 7 harvesting communities in the Somali Puntland. A yearly Contract is signed with the elder of each group promising transparency, stable prices and a percent of profit invested in community infrastructure. If either side is not happy with the arrangement the contract will not be renewed.

The co-op has also started a nursery of Frankincense saplings propagated from branch cuttings and intended for distribution in the wild where the communities can tend to them.

All in all a very promising arrangement that addresses fair trade and sustainability. My favourite combination and the fruit of a labour of love spanning continents, cultures and religions.

Frankincense Carterii is traditionally used as incense and medicine. Its essential oil is distilled for perfumery and aromatherapy.
It is one of 4 frankincense types that is rich in Boswellic acids which have been shown in studies to be highly anti-inflammatory and combat cancer.
Fresh, fair trade and sustainable-Get it while it lasts :-)!

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There are currently not any Fresh Frankincense Carterii available.