Fresh sustainably harvested Ontario Pine Pitch for incense, rubs and balms-100Gr.


At you will find recipes for incense, moustache waxes and various healing salves and balms using fresh Pine, Fir or Spruce sap. You will also find instructions for building your own essential oil distillation unit which you can use to distill the essential oils from these oleoresins.
Living in Ontario, I have access to an abundance of these resin-bearing trees. Some, I personally steward and care for. Stewardship in this context means, I take care of the trees, over the years and in some cases over decades, look to their well-being, nurture them and harvest from them. This creates a sustainable and ethical source for high-quality sap. Pure oleoresins that can be used for medicine, incense and perfume. Many people live in areas with no access to fresh sap, and though they wish to create the recipes I provide on the website, they can’t get all the ingredients. So, to this end, I am posting fresh, ethically and sustainably harvested saps.
They are wonderful fragrant expressions of nature, harvested in small quantities.

As mentioned in my recipes, you must first warm the sap in a water bath, with or without a vegetable oil, (or animal fat), then filter it from debris and non-dissolving particles. Pantyhose or pillowcases work well as filters.

If you order any of these fresh saps, a tip for removing them easily from the plastic sleeve I ship them in, is to put them in the freezer for 1/2 hour or so first. When cold they will peel easily from the plastic and you won’t loose any in the process.

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