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An Introduction to Planetary Rulerships and Medical Astrology with Michele Burklund

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I really enjoy  and her blog, “Healthy Fashionista”. I still can’t put my finger on exactly what it is she does, that I find so intriguing.

In the post below, “Science in the Stars”, Michele has published a concise and easy to understand introduction to medical astrology and what I like to call “Astrodynamics”. One I will link to my introduction to planetary rulerships and Medical astrology-“Astrodynamics 101”.

As always, Michele has done an exceptional job crafting a tasteful, informative and easy to understand post. She has done so on a subject that even the alternative community considers alternative.  Whatever it is that Michele Burklund does, that constantly impresses me, she just did it again.

Michele publishes well crafted, interesting, informative, and beautiful posts on anything she considers a “modality” of naturopathic medicine. She will complete her 5th and last year of naturopathic studies this year, and from what I understand, specializes in mental health and neurology.  As implied by the name, “Healthy Fashionista”, Michele does indeed have a great sense of fashion, but, more than that, she manages to balance appearance and content, inner and outer lives, wisdom and beauty with flair and style.

I believe that as individuals and as a group, we are an innate and integral part of the cosmos.  We are a factor in every solution, and in every problem. We are affected by, and we affect everything around us. As above, so below. More than a philosophy, this phrase can give us a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the world.

The only way we can judge the validity of any theory, is by studying it. I hope the information presented here on the connection between astrology and our health, will provide a stepping stone for a deeper understanding of self, life and the world around us.


Science In The Stars

By , February 1, 2014


Medical astrology is actually an ancient science that predates both psychology and astronomy! This ancient medical system associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets along with the twelve astrological signs.

It’s been used for thousands of years dating back as far as 410 BC and traced to locations across the globe including Egypt and Mexico.  It’s popularity has waxed and waned over the centuries but it has always managed to keep a presence.  As a scientist by nature, I always try to keep an open mind to all types of modalities and entertain the validity while waiting for more evidence-based research to come about.

Isn’t is interesting that women have shown peak rates conception and probably ovulation appear to occur at the full moon or the day before.  During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are decreased overall, and an increased number of women start their menstrual bleeding. Scientific research has documented that the moon rules the flow of fluids (ocean tides as well as individual body fluids) and affects the unconscious mind and dreams. The timing of the menstrual cycle, the fertility cycle, and labor also follows the moon-dominated tides of the ocean. Environmental cues such as light, the moon, and the tides play a documented role in regulating women’s menstrual cycles and fertility (source).  Maybe in our technology dominated culture we are beginning to forget how connected we are to universal forces?

health astrology

Astrological sign and organ affinity:

The planets are also associated with certain portions and functions within the body:

Common imbalances associated with each astrological sign:

Aries: The energies are often in excess of the nervous and mental balance, and most ill-health has its origins in such things as violent exertion and outbursts of anger. The Aries person should seek poise at all costs.

Taurus : Over-indulgence and too much comfort lie at the roots of most disorders, but there is also a tendency to brood over troubles which lends force to any passing ailments.

Gemini : Nervous reactions and restlessness, form the basis.

Cancer : Usually complaints originate in the emotions through some mental irritant, cause nervous reactions and general lessening of vitality. It has been said that nine times out of ten the Cancerian is hurt in health more by others than by himself.

Leo : Nearly all afflictions tend to arise from over-exertion of some kind.

Virgo : There is a tendency to upsets of the digestive organs from nervous causes, producing acidity and other troubles.

Libra : Troubles arise usually from nervous exhaustion of some kind.

Scorpio : Breaking down of the resistance through worrying and interaction of others upon the individual.

Sagittarius : Restlessness often causes the trouble; the folks under this Sign are peculiar to accidents and injuries.

Capricorn : Disease is frequently rooted in inhibitions.

Aquarius : Nervous causes, usually, based on the highly sensitive nature.

Pisces : Over-heating of the mind with possibly fancied injuries from others, plus much sensitiveness physical and mental, form the basis for most complaints.

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Pucker up and cool down with Witch Hazel oil

Witch Hazel Hamilton 2013
Witch Hazel Oil-2014
Witch Hazel Oil-Oleum Hamamelis 2014

 Witch Hazel oil-Oleum Hamamelis

  The summer’s harvest yielded a fantastic Witch Hazel oil. This is a fragrant, cooling and astringent healing oil made from fresh Hamamelis Virginiana leaves, Violet absolute and Vitamin E.. I am very, very pleased with the results. There is an easy harmony and synergy between these two shade loving medicinals. Besides the obvious similarities in colour, fragrance and “temperature” they share a strong astrological affinity.

I feel a bit like an old-time snake oil salesman, ha ha. Combine that with an impaling act and I have my very own travelling sideshow!   Though this oil is not a panacea or cure-all by any stretch, it will most definitely cool and soothe any hot, bothered or irritated external part of your body, while tightening and puckering up the area.

   Though  Oleum Hamamelis, or Witch Hazel oil is  more emollient and soothing than the better know Witch Hazel Extract and distillate, there are few plants that have such a cooling effect, as Witch Hazel, (Violet is #2). Razor burns, hot irritated skin, boils, hemorrhoids and piles, sunburn, chafing, minor burns and achy varicose veins. Witch Hazel oil reduces pain and irritation, cools and relieves excessive heat, and does so quickly. Witch Hazel is also also used traditionally to reduce the swelling  and pain of varicose veins.

Witch Hazel , Ontario, 2013
Witch Hazel , Ontario, 2013

Sometimes a single  2″ diameter trunk/stalk will grow to over 15 feet, reaching from the ground, up and out, gracefully arching and positioning itself strategically to catch stray beams of sunshine that slip by the taller trees. Low enough to jockey for second-hand light, but just high enough the deer can’t gobble up its leaves.  Tough, resilient and enduring, this lovely lady of the dark woods will contort in zigs and zags at every leaf juncture to grab a missed beam of sunlight.

There is something stoic and enduring about Witch Hazel. Her wood is tough and stringy, almost impossible to break, dead or alive. Very difficult to propagate from cuttings or from seed, she spits her  projectile seeds up to 30 feet away, and though germination rate is very low, she is so tenacious and hardy that when her seedlings do sprout, they somehow manage to survive the harsh life of the forest floor till they are tall enough to avoid being eaten.

   If, as I have said in the past,  Myrrh represents  the flavor of bitter, then Witch Hazel is the paragon of astringent in the vegetable kingdom. She is a gum-sucking puckerer, as if drawing the molecules of moisture from the tissues of your mouth.

Witch Hazel Branch
Witch Hazel Branch (Photo credit: Michael Hodge)

From the bark of her elegantly arching branches, through the green of her crisp, paper-thin leaves, to the scrawny straggly yellow petals of her fall and  winter blooming  flowers, Witch Hazel has a distinct, lovely, and almost astringent fragrance. A perfume that endures through gentle distillations and  light handed percolations in oil.  Not only is she beautiful to behold, and a medicinal wonder, but she smells lovely too. What more could one ask from a  woodland lady?

With her cold astringent nature, it is obvious why Witch Hazel is under the planetary rulership of Saturn. Though in my opinion, beautiful, earthy Taurus is her ruling sign, and is just as important an influence on her personality, and medicinal applications. This dovetails perfectly with the lovely Violet, who is born under Venus.

  This oil of Hamamelis is beautifully complemented by Violet absolute, (A Co2 extraction of the fragrance and healing properties of the Violet leaf ),  and Vitamin E. The mutual support of these two herbs is obvious in their easy union with each other in fragrance, colour, rulerships, temperature and medicinal effects.  Witch Hazel oil is a simplebut powerful healer for those tender, painful hotspots, inflammations and flareups when they happen.

Witch Hazel Oil-2014
Witch Hazel Violet Oil-2014

This oil is now posted and available in my Etsy store, and in Humblepie, for those living in Hamilton. If you have difficulty finding it, or have any questions about it, please drop me a line by phone, email or leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.


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Culpeper”s Complete Herbal & English Physician


Nicholas Culpeper‘s  books and “herbals” have been considered classic and well-respected references for hundreds of years now.  Packed with recipes, plant profiles and lore, Culpeper sets out the proper way to identify plants, diagnose and treat patients based on astrological rulerships, “The doctrine of signatures” and Galen’s philosophy of humors.

English: "In Effigiam Nicholai Culpeper E...
English: “In Effigiam Nicholai Culpeper Equitis,” portrait of Nicholas Culpeper, etching, by printmaker Richard Gaywood. 126 mm x 90 mm. Courtesy of the British Museum, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only do they give us a peek at medical and herbal practices of his times, but woven between the lines, one finds a wealth of information on traditional plant alchemy and medical  astrology. Some of this more esoteric information is in the open and presented as a matter of fact, some lies a little deeper for those who have the eyes to see. His books are a “must read” for anyone who has an interest in plant alchemy, traditional European herbalism and medical astrology . This particular volume contains some of his most important writings. I will transfer the book to it’s own page in a few days so it can be easily referenced. Enjoy!


culpepper planetary rulerships
View of celestial influences on the body of woman-Planetary Rulerships
culpeppersenglis Planetary rulerships
View of celestial influences on the body of man-Planetary Rulerships

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