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First Step Full Circle

I haven’t posted anything since the Scorpio New moon. I must admit it has been busy. Not only keeping to my list of items and obligations to “purge” this Scorpio Lunation, but also trying to keep to my goal of establishing a new incarnation of the business before the end of 2012. This meant weeks of collecting my old recipes, copy, labels and logos from the past decade and a half, taking the best of it all and synthesizing a functionality and look that would serve the best and longest.
Saturday I attended the “Crafternoon Delight”.
A small venue, a “popup shop” on Dundurn in Hamilton, occupying the space where Dell drugstore was before it changed to “Shoppers Drugmart” and moved across the street.
I was pleasantly shocked by the ratio of items sold to the number of attendees. Whether the demographics of attendees, the word of mouth nature of the advertizing, or some other factor, I sold much more than I anticipated from such a small venue. So after 16-17 years of refining and improving the effectiveness and quality of the products, it was very satisfying to find a tangible appreciation of my efforts.
My thanks to Lisa, who’s Aries fire helped me push through the challenges and who’s critical Rooster eye gave me the best possible choices in layout and proofing.
Thanks to Michelle and Joey for organizing the show and choosing accomplished and talented vendors, and to Gabriela who passed my name to the organizers.
A first physical manifestation, of a new incarnation, where all my study and practice, exploration and experience from years past come together on a new level. A first step in a new circle. Or more aptly put, a new round in a forward moving spiral.

First Show, sparse but effective.

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Venus Rising

Ahh, What a gorgeous fresh crisp morning… Beautiful clear sunrise and Venus rising ahead, ushering the sun through the dusk as if flagging the upcoming day as dedicated to Her. A day of beauty, Love and bounty. A perfect day to harvest in the wild. Time to go over my list and check it twice.
I am getting better at marking plant harvest times early in the year in my calendar so I don’t miss the unique windows of opportunity each plant might offer. Timing really is everything when it comes to quality. With intent clear, early in the year, one can almost just stand with arms open and collect the best specimens as they present themselves. As the days march by. When I know from the start that this cycle I will be making Elderberry wine or cough syrup, or candied Wild Ginger, then it feels almost like all I have to do is stand in place and grab them as they pass by, at exactly the right time, in the proper manner and presto,,, i have the highest quality herbs harvested at exactly the time when their physical and energetic properties are at their peak. Of course this not only allows me to prepare the highest quality medicinal and culinary items, but gives me a product with a greatly extended shelf life where color and fragrance are vivid and endure much longer than randomly plucked herbs, and from what I can tell without analytic laboratory equipment their medicinal properties are at their peak as well.
There are some things that only years of practical experience can give us. Many things actually. And then we die….but hopefully, not without leaving some legacy or trail of breadcrumbs, or Blog behind us. :-).