Frankincense Rivae Absolute

Frankincense Rivae Absolute is a beautiful, deep and rich smelling absolute that I prepared from sustainably harvested and Fairly traded Frankincense Rivae from the Somali region of Ethiopia.

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It blends beautifully with alcohol and with carrier oils! This means it can be used in Balms, oil-based & solid perfumes, cremes, medicated and aromatic oils, soaps, candles, and more.

It has candy-sweet notes that distinguish Frankincense Rivae from other Frankincense types. It has a bit of "Desert" dryness that complements and balances many sweeter aromatics.

A dab of Frankincense Rivae Absolute blended with a small amount of carrier oil, makes a lovely and ready-to-wear perfume. I often blend this directly on my skin. I find it calming and uplifting.

Likely my favourite Frankincense type, Boswellia Rivae, never stays in the shop for long.

Frankincense Rivae Absolute has a haunting, rich fragrance with a soft candy-like sweetness reminiscent of its distant cousin Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens). With a deep amber heart and a light, sweet spiciness, it is my go-to Frank in many of my blends and is a beautiful resin on the coal.

Frankincense Rivae is one of a handful of Frankincense trees that cannot be tapped. The trees are harmed in no way to collect resin. This makes its collection sustainable.

Frankincense Rivae resin is collected mainly by the women of pastoralist tribes as they move through the Savannah with their goats, camels and sheep, seeking new areas for the animals to graze. Since the wealth of the tribe is in livestock which the men are in charge of, collecting resins provides an independent income for the women. This income is often used to purchase food and medicine for their families.

Like all others in its family, Frankincense Rivae is ruled Astrologically by the Sun. Thus it is considered warming and strengthening to the heart and mind, grounding, cleansing and spiritually uplifting.

Frankincense Rivae has been used traditionally as an incense to cleanse the home, and sanctify ceremonies and sacred spaces. 

The scent of Frankincense Rivae Absolute, though unmistakably that of Frankincense, stands out with a smooth complexity. It is one of the most vibrant Frankincense types I have come across. It lends itself beautifully to natural incense work and can be used in various cremes, salves and oils.

Boswellia, or Frankincense Rivae, is an olfactory treat, a rare and unusual Frankincense that should not be missed.


Also referred to as a Resin Absolute, this is a thick, fragrant, honey-like liquid which contains ALL the fragrant compounds present in Frankincense Rivae ie, both the essential oils and the aromatic resin.

I prepared it by dissolving fresh Frankincense Rivae in food-grade 95% ethanol. It was allowed to macerate at a controlled temperature and stirred daily for 8 weeks before filtering to separate the odourless water-soluble gum compounds.
The finely filtered liquid tincture was evaporated in a vacuum at a very low temperature till most of the alcohol had evaporated.

Frankincense Rivae Absolute acts as a fixative and heart note in perfume compositions, anchoring more fleeting and volatile scents and is helpful in incense making as a binder and an aromatic ingredient since it burns clean and sweet.

Frankincense Rivae Absolute blends easily with room-temperature alcohol and carrier oils.

For more information on rare Frankincense types, ethical and sustainable harvest and Frankincense co-ops and how to use these ancient aromatics, please visit my blog at

To read more about my trip to visit the Frankincense collectors and for more photos, please see my blog post here-


Materials: Alcohol, Frankincense Rivae.

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Jared (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

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Jarrett (Ashburn, US)
The scent is divine. It's definitely thick...

The scent is divine. It's definitely thick and meant to be added to a carrier oil so a little goes a long way. Good stuff!

Leilani (Ashburn, US)
Will buy again! Thank you.

Will buy again! Thank you.

Alan (Ashburn, US)
Great products and service !

Great products and service !

Emmie (Ashburn, US)
Knowledgeable, experienced and efficient....

Knowledgeable, experienced and efficient. Thank you!