Ethics, Sustainability and Conscious Consumerism


We each impact the world through our browsing habits and choices. Usually uninformed, but lately there is a growing trend to seek quality, equality, ethics and sustainability in our world. We are the informed consumers. And we have the power to change the world. One mouse click at a time.

Every query and choice we make online is noted, recorded, observed by those with a commercial stake in our choices, and elicits a response from those who profit from fulfilling our needs. To us the merchants and corporations cup their ears, waiting to anticipate the direction of public demand and to increase their profit margin through fulfilling our needs. The power of small choices, multiplied by millions of informed consumers can be the most direct way to effect social and economical, ecological and environmental change on a global scale.

Our combined informed choices, searches and small purchases can bring prosperity health, education and positive change to remote regions of the world. Like magic. Cutting through middle men, black markets, misinformation and red tape, the internet brings us hidden but powerful tools for global reform and change. It also allows us to deal directly with harvesters, farmers, artisans and small manufacturers in the most remote corners of the world, enabling us to support those we choose and to have an even greater impact in areas of the world that lack our western resources.

For this reason, choosing to seek out and purchase fair trade and sustainably harvested products can have far reaching effects in the world. Whether we make our voice heard through our searches,  purchases, "likes", comments or clicks, each one of us influences the shape of our world.  We can affect global ethics, sustainability, and commerce, numerous times a day. Though rooted in Capitalism, it is the perfect democratic system and we are all equal in our power to transform the world. All we need is a phone or computer. 

We can add our voices blindly, as most of us still do, or we can practice conscious consumerism and individual activism and add our voice to a common vision of a better world. One where equality, ethics and sustainability outshine poverty, war and materialism. Where quality is held in higher esteem than quantity and ethics can equal profit.

The more of us there are participating consciously, the more quickly the world will transform.

We are not victims of a broken system, we are the authors of a beautiful, bountiful and prosperous world for all.

Let's make it happen.