All aromatic materials should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. They can be kept in the special resealable pouches or tins we provide for up to a year. For longer-term storage, I suggest an airtight glass jar. Resins can last for decades this way if properly stored.

Many preparations call for Frankincense to first be powdered. When making liquid extracts this ensures the greatest amount of beneficial compounds will be absorbed by the liquid. You can find instructions for grinding Frankincense resins here-How to Grind Frankincense, Myrrh and other Oleoresins

In African and Arabian cultures, Frankincense tears are chewed for general and oral health much in the same way that Mastic tears are chewed throughout the Mediterranean region. Frankincense Frereana is the best known and preferred Frankincense for chewing since it contains very little water-soluble gum and will not break down in the mouth. It is often used as incense once it is spent.

Throughout Arabia, it is a common and traditional practice to sip on an overnight infusion of Frankincense tears throughout the day to maintain one's health or when feeling under the weather. You can find instructins on the blog here-The many benefits of Frankincense tea

How do I make a tincture with Frankincense?

Tinctures are a popular way of benefitting from the therapeutic qualities of plants. A simple tincture of Frankincense can be made at home with 1 Ounce of powdered Frankincense and 4 Ounces of Vodka. mix both in a sealed jar and shake once daily for 4 weeks. Decant through a paper coffee filter and store in a sealed glass container.

An oleo extract is an infusion of a resin or oleoresin in a carrier oil. Since both the essential oil and the resin are oil-soluble, an oleo extract can collect most of the therapeutic compounds in the material. Oleo extracts of resins have an affinity with the skin, muscles, joints and respiratory system. They can be used directly on the skin, added to formulas or diluted in carrier oils.

Yes you can! The easiest way to harness the healing compounds in resins for skincare is with an oleo extract, also called an oil infusion. The oil not only eliminates the stickiness of the oleoresin but it helps the resin compounds penetrate the skin. Frankincense, Elemi, Pine Spruce and the aromatic Copal resins are traditionally used in this way. You can find instructions for preparing your own oleo extract of Frankincense and other resins here-How to make an oil extract of Frankincense and other oleoresins

The simplest way to burn resins is as follows;

  • Find a heat proof dish or bowl.
  • Place 1 inch of unscented Kitty litter, sand or fine gravel in the bottom.
  • Take it outdoors, place a charcoal puck on the substrate and light it., (We have a few types of pucks in the shop).
  • Wait for the puck to finish sputtering and bring it inside.
  • Wait until a thin layer of ash has formed on the top of the puck.
  • Take a small piece of resin, (About the size of a lentil or pea) and place it on the puck.
  • Viola!

Always make sure to keep burning incense away from rugs, curtains, babies and cats. Never leave a burning puck unattended.

If the resin floods the puck and extinguishes it, then you used to much resin and best to start a new puck.

Bags, Bottles and Jars

Resins in absolutes and essential oils can adhere to the thread of the container over time. To open a stuck lid, run the lid under warm to hot tap water for a few minutes, wipe dry and it should open with little resistance.

Once open, run a tiny bit of olive oil over the glass thread.


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