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Welcome to Apothecary’s Garden, your online source for the finest aromatic materials. Whether you’re looking for ingredients to formulate cosmetics, therapeutics, natural perfume, incense, or just dipping your toe into these ancient arts, you will find that Apothecary’s Garden provides only the highest quality ingredients with a focus on ethics and sustainability. Raise the quality of your experiences and your products with the best materials from around the world.

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Styrax Sumatrana Benzoin-Floral notes-Sustainable

Styrax Sumatrana Benzoin-Floral notes-Sustainable

A new and unique Benzoin resin on the market Styrax Sumatrana is a type of Benzoin resin that has never been available on the international market. Locally called Kemenyan Toba, the Sumatrana Benzoin tree grows only in a small area of Northern Sumatra and, in the...

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Buying Copal? Don’t be fooled!

Buying Copal? Don’t be fooled!

Did you know that more often than not, when we purchase Copal online, we are likely to receive a resin that has never been seen in the Americas by any tribe in any century? A resin with very different source and uses.

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A guide to the different types of Frankincense

A guide to the different types of Frankincense

, the best way to get acquainted with the Boswellia, AKA Frankincense family is to start with the classics. By classics I mean those types of Frankincense that were often the very first many of us experienced in a mosque, temple, synagogue, church, trip or Hippy commune.

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Suhul Myrrh. A gift from the trees

Suhul Myrrh. A gift from the trees

How much sweeter is this gift the tree offers freely than that which we take from her with machete and knife. Though myrrh resin is known for its bitterness, there is a soft sweetness in the aroma of Suhul Myrrh. It is usually lighter, brighter and more translucent than Sarac Myrrh.

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 Our planet is a fragrant garden, full of creative possibilities that are limited only by our imagination. What shall we make today? Perfume? Incense? Cosmetics or medicine? Shall we distill essential oil?  Make a love potion? A magical ink? An anointing oil? Here you will discover materials we have worked with since the dawn of time. Aromatic treasures that have shaped our civilization and enriched our lives in myriad ways. With an eye to sustainability and fair trade, I have personally sought out the highest quality materials from around the world. 

 Whether you are a novice exploring something new or an adept looking to create a masterpiece, click on any of these curated collections to explore the endless possibilities that are given to us to create with Nature every day.


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5 Stars!

AMAZING!! fragrant, fresh and packaging is great. My order came extremely fast. Really appreciate Dan and his shop for having these ingredients available in Canada. Thank you!


Seanna B. – Dec 17, 2021

Absolutely Devine

I love the smell of frankincense. However, until now, my experience has been with incense and essential oils. This Frankincense Neglecta has elevated my love for this amazing resin to a whole new level. It is definitely fresh. It is tender and gooey. A few pieces still have bark on them. The smell is absolutely divine. The story behind the harvesting is definitely one of the reasons I purchased this. Thank you for providing such an amazing resin at a relatively low price. I will be back for more.

Shawn F. – May 28, 2021


This oil is just incredible - so vivid and clean scented with ginger and elemi overtones. I felt positively euphoric, focused and calm after breathing it in and plan to use it everyday to beat the winter blues! Thank you for your alchemy and for supporting fair trade too!

Susannah G. – Jan 2019

Creating a Sustainable Future

We are quickly losing our wild medicinal and aromatic plant populations around the world. Between natural stresses like disease, fires and insects, climate change, and man-made strains like agricultural encroachment, charcoal production and our growing demand for essential oils and supplements, we are taking far more than these plant populations can bear, and many species cannot regenerate themselves as fast as we are harvesting them. If we do not change our approach, many species will be extinct in mere decades.

As individuals, we have little power to affect change in the world. However, our combined support of organizations that are dedicated to education and changing the way we manage our wild resources can have a world-changing impact. These are a few of my favourite non-profits. They can only make a difference with our support. Please take the time to click on their links, share them with friends, become a member or add yourself to their email list. They have the power to save our plants and trees, if we stand with them.

United Plant Savers

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of native medicinal plants, fungi and habitats across North America. Their ongoing research, education and conservation efforts ensure the continuation of renewable plant populations for future generations.

The Airmid Institute

The growing demand for essential oil-bearing plants continues to threaten aromatic plant species around the world. The Airmid Institute develops initiatives that promote forest regeneration, sustainable harvesting and ethical sourcing.

Sustainable Herbs Program

By shedding light on the questionable practices of large-scale herbal producers, this non-profit educates consumers and the industry at large on how to implement actions that promote ethical sustainability.


How do I store resins and how long will they keep?
All aromatic materials should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. They can be kept in the special resealable pouches or tins we provide for up to a year. For longer-term storage, I suggest an airtight glass jar. Resins can last for decades this way if properly stored.
How do I grind Frankincense?

Many preparations call for Frankincense to first be powdered. When making liquid extracts this ensures the greatest amount of beneficial compounds will be absorbed by the liquid. You can find instructions for grinding Frankincense resins here-How to Grind Frankincense, Myrrh and other Oleoresins

Can I take Frankincense internally?

Frankincense and other plant resins have been used as medicine for thousands of years.
Traditionally, Frankincense tears are chewed or brewed for their medicinal properties. Some, prefer to take a powder of Frankincense as a supplement while others take a tincture.
Frankincense is also a part of many traditional medicine formulas where it is often powdered before blending it with other ingredients.
Whichever way you use Frankincense and other resins, please keep in mind that their essential oil contains only a minute portion of their therapeutic compounds and ingesting essential oils without the supervision of a health care professional can be very dangerous. For some insights on using Frankincense for its medicinal qualities please see my post here-Frankincense as Medicine. Truth, Myth and Misinformation

How do I chew Frankincense and other resins?

To chew Frankincense as gum, take a tear or piece of Frankincense about the size of a small pea and warm it in your mouth for half a minute. This will soften it and then you can chew away. Many people swallow the resin after it has broken down in their mouth.  Other resins traditionally used as chewing gum are Mastic Chios, Chicle and some types of Spruce and Pine resin.

How do I make a traditional Frankincense tea?

In Arabia, it is a common and traditional practice to sip on an overnight infusion of Frankincense tears throughout the day to maintain health or when one feels under the weather. If you would like to explore this option you can find instructions here-The many benefits of Frankincense tea.

How do I make a tincture with Frankincense?

Tinctures are a popular way of benefitting from the therapeutic qualities of plants. A simple tincture of Frankincense can be made at home by adding 1 ounce of powdered Frankincense to 5 Ounces of Vodka and letting the mixture sit for 6-8 weeks before filtering through a paper coffee filter and storing in a clean sealed glass container. For other methods of making a tincture of Frankincense, you can find instructions here- How to make a tincture of Frankincense or Myrrh. 4variations and a tea.

What is an oleo extract?

An oleo extract is an infusion of a resin or oleoresin in a carrier oil. Since both the essential oil and the resin are oil-soluble, an oleo extract can collect most of the therapeutic compounds in the material. Oleo extracts of resins are especially suited to delivering their therapeutic compounds to and through the skin. They can be used directly on the skin, added to formulas or diluted in carrier oils. Most tree resins have an affinity with our respiratory, musculoskeletal system and our skin.

Can I make my own skincare products from Frankincense or other resins?

Yes you can! The easiest way to harness the healing compounds in resins for skincare is with an oleo extract, also called an oil infusion. The oil not only eliminates the stickiness of the oleoresin but it helps the resin compounds penetrate the skin. Many use this type of preparation to nourish and moisturize the skin while helping to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. The oil extract of many oleoresins is also used as a topical treatment for respiratory issues and for the pain and inflammation of Arthritis. Frankincense, Elemi, Pine Spruce and the aromatic Copal resins are traditionally used in this way. You can find instructions for preparing your own oleo extract of Frankincense and other resins here-How to make an oil extract of Frankincense and other oleoresins