, the best way to get acquainted with the Boswellia, AKA Frankincense family is to start with the classics. By classics I mean those types of Frankincense that were often the very first many of us experienced in a mosque, temple, synagogue, church, trip or Hippy commune.

5 years after my first visit with the Samburu Frankincense harvesters in Northern Kenya, things are finally coming together. We now have 2 groups of Samburu women harvesters who need to sell their Frankincense neglecta resins and 2 special wholesalers/importers working with us to bring them to the North American and European markets. All that […]

Around the world, we are losing our medicinal and aromatic plants at an ever-increasing pace while our demand for essential oils, aromatic, cosmetic and therapeutic plant materials continues to grow. We are caught in a loop of unsustainable practices and poor resource management that has only one final destination. The decline and demise of many […]

Ammoniacum, Ferula Tingitana, Apothecarysgarden.com

This is an edit of a post I wrote 2 years ago after coming across some lovely Ferula tingitana, (Ammoniacum) resin. Recently, I finally got my hands on the other Ammoniacum, Dorema ammoniacum which you will now find in the shop. For most intents and purposes the two are identical and interchangeable. During a trip […]

I have finally put together an Animalic/Musk sampler. The interest in animal-sourced musk samples has grown steadily in the shop and the release of this new product is a perfect opportunity to continue my discourse on the ethical issues inherent in Civet and other animal musks and what we can do to facilitate better stewardship […]

Castor, Musk, Castoreum, Beaver Castors, www.apothecarysgarden.shop

Castoreum has a deep, rich, tenacious, leathery, woody scent,often with smoky undertones and hints of forest trees and plants. Castoreum is used as a fixative and a base to middle note in “Masculine”, Oriental, Chypre type perfumes, and in leather accords which it can generate almost single-handedly.